We Are One: Written By Michael Okoye

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Two or so years ago, after my exile in the land of the cow worshippers, I went to see a friend who worked in a secondary school at the time. We hadn’t seen each other in years so I went to have some bro time.

We talked and he bought some emergency tummy appetiser, while I waited for him in the staff room.
Thankfully, there was some reading material on the desk. I picked up ‘Purple Hibiscus’ by Chimamanda Adichie and began to read.
I had barely gone past a few pages when, suddenly, there was a stampede. Three little girls were dragged into the room with cheering teachers behind them. They were flogged mercilessly and relentlessly. I hadn’t seen such brutality in a long time and it got to me. I, naturally, was curious. What did they do? I asked.

‘They were kissing and touching themselves’
‘Na Le-Le o’
‘Sodom and Gomorrah children’
They all tried to answer me at once.
‘Is that why you want to kill them?’ I replied.
‘Ah, Oga, it is not allowed in our culture’
‘God can punish us for their sin’

I couldn’t stand them being beaten like that. I told the chief flogger that she should respect my presence and not touch them while I was around.
‘Na God save una today, better stay here until I come back, we’re going to meet your parents after school’ She departed with the hordes of cheerleaders.
They were all lying flat on their bellies, crying. Bloodshot eyes. Dishevelled and quaking in every limb. I felt for them.

I got to learn that they were caught the previous day. This was a continuation of the beating they had received. I didn’t know how to feel towards them. But one thing I never felt was resentment or anger. They were in JSS2 and no more than 13. Why should I hate them when they barely know the workings of their body.

I just mumbled some advise and thereafter left. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the reaction of the teachers and even the students. What is it about sexual activity that makes an average African a god in their own right? We all know the homophobia that exists in our society and the hate, stigma that comes with it. But I got the larger picture :

Michael Okoye

We cannot accept that some people can be different from us.
We abhor people who don’t act, think like the rest. You can’t be allowed to be yourself. We want our men masculine and our females feminine. We want them to believe in God. We want them to conform to preset traditions. We want women to be apprehensive when they’re 30 without husbands. We want them to lobby for husbands. We want our men to head their homes and be the main provider. The one whose words are law and gospel.

An independent woman in her 40s, who doesn’t cry day and night for a man, must be a witch. The woman who doesn’t want children or family is abnormal and must be, should be, possessed by demons.
An Atheist in our society is second only to Anti-Christ. We don’t see them as normal. They have automatic ticket to the bottomless pit. Can’t they see the evidence of the existence of God?

Charlie boy is crazy. Denrele is a gay mofo. Ms Sahara will burn in hell.
No one is allowed to be themselves anymore. It’s eating into our mindset.
What we don’t know, we hate. What we hate, we fear. What we fear, we seek to destroy. Society101.

Rather than see them as some sociopath, why don’t we embrace their uniqueness and let them be. We are quick to judge. Quick to jump into conclusions. Quick to hate.
We have no time to think. To reason. To love. We like to dictate how other people should live their lives without looking inward. We should embrace everyone under a canopy of love, understanding and tolerance. That’s the only way humanity can progress.

Stop the shaming. Stop the trolls. We are one.

My Babysitting Experience: A Tale By The Leolight

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Once upon a time in a place not so far away, an easy going guy in search of a change in environment had a rather daunting experience in the hands of a toddler. These were his words,

“Have you ever been at the mercy of a child, a toddler? Well i have, I’m Leo and this is my story.
On a regular Tuesday afternoon, every thing was going smoothly, i was happy, just playing with my nieces. “Nnaa I’ll be going to the market, so you’ll have to stay with ‘baby boo’ (name withheld)” of course it would pose no problem whatsoever.

We were all playing and having a good time, I mean, what could go wrong. My sis on leaving for the market; I bade her goodbye, asked for some ‘goodies’ on her return, locked the door, slumped into the sofa all set to watch my favourite cartoon “spongeBob” seemingly ignoring baby boo playing in her baby walker. As a matter of fact every thing seemed OK until the ‘fire nation’ attacked. Like the (straining/­Screeching) sound made by defective aluminium window panes her cry rent the air, pierced my cochlea sending waves of shock and befuddlement all over me as I ran to the rescue like ‘captain man’; deploying all sorts of funny noises and gimmicks in my inventory to try and get her to sleep.

But she was a girl on a mission and won’t be stopped, not by any of those. She wailed to the high heavens like she was about to bring down the Jericho walls of my sanity, or maybe report me to God himself for perhaps trying too much, as I expended every ‘kid lulling antic’ known to me. I tried giving her food, water…I even changed her daipers twice, Jehovah! I changed it twice. It was frustrating putting on the daiper the wrong way on my second attempt, giving her the look of that bush man in the movie ‘The God’s must be crazy’. I was in dire need of divine inspiration, running out of ideas, i wished these ornamental decorations on my chest were at least useful so I could pacify her with them or at least muffle her loud ‘insane driving’ wails.

Have you ever seen a guy cry? Like really cry, well I…didn’t, Aha!! see them! I know you all want to hear me say that i did. Something a number of deaths, break-up, wound stitching (in the absence of Anaesthesia ) and a lot more couldn’t initiate, but I must
admit, i almost went past that Rubicon.

Well finally her mom came home, had a good laugh at my predicament and just like magic; pulled out those magic wands or bags rather and instantly calmed the storm. Then I looked upon my assailant and behold she was full of blissful smiles and giggles. Well i can’t tell if it was her or just a voice in my head but i could swear I heard it loud and clear yelling; “You have not seen the last of me!!!!!!!”


Ebuka Umerah Leo is a Mechanical Engineering student who has a flair for writing, basically story telling. He loves cartoons and he is a music addict. You can contact him via his e-mail address ebukaumerah@gmail.com

FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

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My Faces Of The Cave For The Week!

It has been a privilege knowing these two people. I’ll tell you about them.
Ogochukwu- I knew her way back in high school. She will always be that beautiful school mate I was fortunate enough to sit closely with; especially during external regulated exams. *winks* Reasons being, our surnames followed closely in alphabetical order in the students list. She had a warm personality, she was so meticulous and INTELLIGENT. Yes, I typed that in caps cos she embodies intelligence. Today, she has blossomed into a great lady. And when you’re this elegant and photogenic, you’ve already earned a spot as the Face of the cave!
In a few words, Ogochukwu describes herself as ‘God fearing’. *Cool*
(News flash: Ogochukwu’s twin Chika has been featured on this series already. In case you see another face with a striking resemblance. Lol)

Let’s meet the boss – Frank. Such an amiable friend blessed with good looks. I had the pleasure of meeting this young man and the experience was quite humbling. When asked to describe himself;
In his words “I’m cool. I’m industrious and I believe in hard work. I dislike pretence. However, I’ve been told i have a hard face (hahahahaha) but will it make you scared of me? (We are scared already o) I won’t hurt no one, I promise.” Lol, Good thing he’s got a good heart, for real! Ok, he also had these to say; “I only put my faith in God, work hard and hopefully good things will happen in my life. I encourage people to think before they act. Never do what you will later regret in life.”
Hmm, words to live by! Nice one bro.

Their photos and brief profiles can be viewed by scrolling down.

Name: Ogochukwu Maduakor
Date of birth: October 8th

State: Imo
Profession: Pharmacist

School: University of Port Harcourt (Graduate)
Current city: Lagos

Favourite quote: “Look before you leap.”

Name: Chukwuebuka Boss Frank
Date of birth: March 1st
State: Anambra

Location: Port Harcourt
Profession: Business Administrator
School: Institute of Management and Technology Enugu (graduate)

Professional skills: Computer Engineering
likes: honesty
dislikes: pretence

Favourite quote: “Believe in your self, allow God to lead in everything you do.”
Contact: 07032111219

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

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Quote of the week- “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” — Anonymous

TYPICAL NIGERIAN WEDDING 3 -Written by Akhigbe Samson

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You have to look out for Young people at Nigerian weddings, their conglomeration is almost the most foolish group ever to gather apart from the clowns that gather at any Biafra online forum or free newspaper readers association.

A Young Nigerian hardly arrives at a wedding reception on time except he is on the bridal train or a close family member. When a host advertises 1pm as the starting time, Nigerians born before 1980 or those that received good training will arrive 30 minutes early or late at the most.

That is the reason old people enjoy the best of service at any social event. They’re seated properly, they get choice angles where the service is prompt and A-list.
#YorubaDemons and their female handbags are competing for who comes last to the event.

A typical young Nigerian will arrive at a wedding reception at 5pm and expect to get a VIP seat, he/she expects to get the best of service. They crave the grand entry style reception. While their peers have gathered, they enter like the second groom or bride. Men are fortunate, no matter how late you arrive, fellow guys will give you a grand welcome.

Women are mean as Jezebel. As you enter, fellow witches will size you up in less than 2.3 seconds. In that assessment, they know how much you’re worth. If you’re less expensive, they will welcome you with a deeper Life hug because they don’t want you to use your cheap make-up to smear their #Oshewa make-up.

If you are more expensive, you’re the automatic enemy.
A Typical Nigerian Wedding 1
A Typical Nigerian Wedding 2

FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

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Helloooo! It’s another exciting edition of FOC.
Well, before I introduce my male face of the cave for the week, I’ll tell you three things i like about his personality.
He is;
-Well rounded
Based on these attractive qualities, he earned the spot as the ‘President’ of the cave! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kolawole aka Tslow (drum rolls and a standing ovation). Obviously, he’s blessed with the looks, ‘froshness’ and swag that I’m sure the ladies can’t resist. But he says I should let y’all know he’s no casanova. (An information I’m still trying so hard to digest lol).

Okay! In his words “I’m a humorous guy. I am an aspiring photographer but for now it’s my hobby. I blog on the side, studied Biochemistry at FUTA. I am a twin (shout out to kmama Kolawole). I speak Hausa and yoruba. Based in Abuja at the moment. I’m out of job for now but I hustle for a living.”
Hmm, there you have it.

And to compliment our main man, It’s my pleasure to introduce the gorgeous Cynthia, my female FOC. She’s definitely a beautiful soul. I say this without mincing words.
Cynthia when asked to describe herself: “I’m a very special person to God, family, and friends. A vessel of honour unto God, i possess beauty, class, uniqueness and intelligence.”
I like! Impressive!

Scroll down to see their photos and profiles in brief;

Name: Kolawole Tslow Taiye
Date of birth: August 16
Location: Abuja

School: FUTA (graduate of Biochemistry)
Professional Skills: Product and trend specialist, Public Relations and Blogger
Favourite quote: “Life is a cycle, learn to live around it. Life’s a gamble,sometimes you win & sometimes you lose, it all comes with the stakes!”

Contact: +2348067474206 or 2B676C80 (BBM)

Name: Eze Ugochi Cynthia
Date of birth: October 22nd
Location: Lagos

School: Anambra State University (graduate of Political Science)
Professional Skills: Teaching
Favourite quote : “Love is d Greatest Gift of Man Kind”

Contact: Eze Ugochi Cynthia (Facebook)

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

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Quote of the week- “Don’t lose sight of the big picture when you’re young”

Campus Affair (Episode 7) Final Episode!

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6 months later…
(Sitting up in his posh room, Jeff was ‘phishing’ with his laptop as usual, when another chat message from Margaret Cox popped up on his screen for the umpteenth time. He sighed and ignored it.)

(Yahoo messenger chat)
Margaret Cox: Hi
(3 hours ago)
Margaret Cox: Can we talk now?
(One hour ago)
Margaret Cox: I’m cross with you. I’m not happy with you! You changed. Why go silent on me baby?
(40 mins ago)

Jeff finally replied,
Jeff: You never take breaks do you? Can I live?
Margaret Cox: OMG…My love, I’m too clingy for you now uhm? It’s been 4 long months since I paid in $500,000 into your account, you said you was gonna travel down to the states and we’ll get married in Vegas…
Jeff: Apparently, I changed my mind. You’re too old for me. Come on, you’re 63! I’m just 25. You could pass for my grandmother. I possibly can’t make your dreams and long built fantasies come true. Cougar!
Margaret Cox: You didn’t just say that to me. I feel disrespected. Please don’t break my fragile heart.
Jeff: I couldn’t care less.
Margaret Cox: I get it. This is why you ignored my messages. Why did you have to do me wrong? Unbelievable. I trusted you with all my heart. No! oh no! I can’t believe i’ve just been duped.
Jeff: Screw you bitch. Find some other young blood to suck. Cradle robber.
Margaret Cox: I need my $500,000 back, you lying thieving fraudster! Give me my money you bastard.
Jeff: hahahahaha! Sorry, take it as a free-will charity donation.
Margaret Cox: (typing…)

*With few keystrokes, Jeff deletes and blocks Margaret Cox*
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“You students don’t listen to instructions. I said make two photocopies of your school fees teller, and bring along two passport photos!” Emmanuella yelled at the two frightened ‘year one’ students beside her desk.
“Yes ma!” “Ok ma!” They chorused before leaving.
“Yes, can I help you?” Emmanuella asked Uzoamaka without looking up from the computer.
“Good morning ma, please I need to confirm something now.”
Emmanuella paused and looked up from the monitor screen.
She asked Uzoamaka, “And what is it? Sit down.”

“Ma, I don’t know sha. I just heard rumours o. Is it true that Prof will soon leave the department because he’s travelling abroad?” Uzoamaka asked.
“What? You heard what? You students are so nosey. Will you leave my office and go read your books!” Emmanuella snapped and hissed aloud.

Uzoamaka had stormed into Prof Okechukwu’s office earlier in the day. Word had it that Prof was making plans to leave the country for good. When Uzoamaka confronted him, he laughed it off and termed it rumours.

“Auntie mi…My able secretary! ‘Seke’ of life. Oya take this N1000 for recharge card na Auntie mi.” Uzoamaka hailed the secretary.
Emmanuella smiled as she collected the money, “ehen, this is what you should have done since. You students have money but you cannot us give one kobo, tufia kwa unu.”
Emmanuella continued,
“Oya sit down my dear. What was your question again?”
Uzoamaka repeated the question, “Is it true that a new HOD will take over Prof Okechukwu, because Prof is leaving the country? Is it true?”
“Come”, Emmanuella leaned forward and spoke in low tones, “Yes o my dear. He’s taking along his family. He doesn’t want to make it public yet. We have been clearing the office and moving his things secretly since last week. The new HOD of Economics is expected to resume by next week.”

Uzoamaka was visibly shocked, “Auntie, are you serious!” She exclaimed.
“My dear. Don’t tell anyone, Prof would be mad if the news spreads in the department…But why do you ask? You seem disturbed. Any problem?” Emmanuella inquired.
Uzoamaka faked a smile and said, “Oh no, nothing Auntie Emmanuella. You know, students have become so fond of Prof Okechukwu. Knowing that he’ll not be around to see us graduate in few months time is quite saddening.”
“Eiiiyaa…Oh okay, I understand. Alright, anything else? I need to get back to work.”
“Please, just one more thing Auntie, I want to confirm my CGPA. Can you please check it for me?” Uzoamaka requested.
“My God! I’m tired please. How can a final year student have no idea about her grades?” Emmanuella said with a frown. Emmanuella pretended to be angry and disturbed because she needed more bribe.

“I can’t check it. I’m busy. Oya leave now.” Emmanuella replied sharply.
Uzoamaka knew what needed to be done. She squeezed some naira notes in the secretary’s palm and hailed her again.
The secretary quickly collected the small piece of paper bearing Uzomaka’s details and checked the final year students record in her system.
“Uhmm, Uzoamaka C.I..Matric number Eco-05/3265…ok..” Emmanuella shook her head in pity “Wait! What? 5, 12, 20 carry-over courses? My God! Are you sure that you’re a student of this university? This is not a good result. You’ll be graduating with a mere ‘pass’ degree…that’s after you’ve retaken all your papers.” Emmanuella said.

The walls spun around Uzoamaka as she walked out of the secretary’s office. It dawned on her that Prof Okechukwu used her and lied to her all these years. He never upgraded her CGPA after all. The thought of him leaving the country secretly with his family drove her insane. She needed to do something.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Grace lay on her bed engrossed in her phone, scrolling through Linda Ikeji’s gossip blog. She received the shock of her life when she stumbled on a headline;

It read;
Hello Nigerians, I’m Margaret Cox, a distraught woman who fell for the antics of a younger man I felt was my soul mate. I’m his latest victim.
The young man (Jeff) in this picture is an online fraudster. Jeff duped me of my possessions worth $500,000. People, beware! Ladies, guard your hearts. He has the looks, charm and a sweet tongue, don’t be fooled by men like Jeff. He’s a liar and a beast.
I’ve learnt the hard way that romantic lines said to someone on social media is not the basis of a person’s love for them. Anyone with useful information about him should send a mail to my e-mail address below. Thank you.”

Grace sprang up from her bed in shock, trembling. “Jeff..my Jeff a fraudster? How can?” she thought. She looked at his picture on her screen again.
It finally dawned on her that he was a player. He was just tagging along all these time, while she was too clingy. He preyed on her emotions and a million unfortunate ones like Margaret. Now, she hated him. A bad boy is a ‘BAD BOY’.

Jeff was probably using her. With her position as a Course Rep, she always handled his projects, assessment tests and course work because she ‘loved’ him, while he missed classes at will. She gave more, he gave less. How could she be so stupid? How could she compromise her morals? And his source of income had always been a mystery.

“I’m also a victim Mrs Margaret. I could help ‘us’…Contact me. #Grace Ayabime”
Grace typed with tears rolling down her cheeks and clicked ‘send’
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
(3 days later)

The students of Economics department gathered in groups in the lecture hall. They watched the video tape which had gone viral.
“Guy, prof chop dat babe well o. God punish that wicked man.” A student said.
“Who go believe say Benita fit sleep with HOD? Na wa o!” Another student chimed in.

The Vice Chancellor of Bismark Benson University arrested Prof Okechukwu before he could leave the country, due to misconduct in office.
Uzoamaka released sordid details of her affair with Prof Okechukwu on the internet, exposing chat messages of both parties just to taint his image. She also leaked a copy of his sex tape with Benita on the school website. She had a copy of it before her friend Benita died. Apparently, she had no future in BBU with a CGPA of 0.92, so Uzoamaka dropped
out of the institution and relocated to Ghana to learn a trade.

A week later, Margaret Cox arrived Nigeria with a team of investigators, and with Grace’s helpful information, Jeff and his friend Innocent were apprehended by EFCC for engaging in online fraud. Grace insisted on keeping her identity secret which was granted.
Margaret Cox rewarded Grace with $1000 and a promised invitation to Las Vegas after her graduation.


Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede

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Campus Affair (Episode 6)

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Prof Okechukwu had just resumed back to work after suffering a week-long depression and shock following the mess.
How could his own student reduce him to nothing? He stared at the documents heaped on the table that needed to be attended to. He sighed. He picked up one of the files on the table and was about looking through it when he heard a loud noise downstairs. People screamed in jubilation.

Peering through his office window, his heart skipped a beat when he saw Benita majestically step out of a brand new black spider car with so much pomp and show. She flashed the car keys in everyone’s face. More students gathered round the car in amazement. Some rushed to give her hugs. Two male students lifted her up in the air as if she were
some hero. “Heei Benny-city we go wash am o! Benny baby! Biggest girl! Benita for president! Na u we know.” The students chanted.

Then, Benita opened the car boot, she brought out a set of plastic red cups which were distributed to everyone gathered outside the departmental building. She popped several bottles of champagne as they celebrated her new ride.

“Damn you slut!” Professor Okechukwu Adum cussed as he closed his office curtains, fuming in anger. That was the expensive car he bought her 3 days ago that almost drained his account. He had no choice

A knock came on the door.
“Yes! Who the hell is that! Who? Come in!” Prof Okechukwu snarled.
Secretary Emmanuella looked frightened as she walked into the office, holding a beautifully wrapped bottle of wine. She swallowed hard before speaking.
“Sir Prof, sorry to disturb you. Errm, this here (Emmanuella stretches her hand to hand him the bottle of wine) is from one of your students.”
“Who?” Prof Okechukwu asked.
“Benita, a final year student of Economics…She just celebrated a beautiful brand new car parked out there. And she sent this wine to…”
“Take this mess away and get out of this office you idiot!” Prof Okechukwu cut her short and barked in annoyance.

Emmanuella was stunned by his reaction, “What? Sir? Excuse me sir…Why?” She inquired.
Realising he just overreacted, Prof Okechukwu quickly got himself together.
“Well, take it. I’m giving it to you now as a gift. You work too hard sometimes, you know?” He said calmly.
Emmanuella beamed with smiles, “Ah..Me? Oh thank you sir, I’m grateful, God bless you in the name of Jehova nissi, Amen.”
She genuflected and bowed in appreciation several times before leaving his office.

Prof Okechukwu sighed after she’d jammed the door close.
“Uhhmm..Yes! Yes! Black sparrow” He exclaimed.
He searched for black sparrow’s contact in his phone and dialled the number.
“Prof sir! Morn sir! Your girl is loyal”. The voice from the end said.
Prof Okechukwu replied, “Black sparrow..let us meet at Platinum Hotel by 2 o’clock!”
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Uzoamaka paced to and fro the room with a mean look on her face. She opened the pack of cigarette lying on the side table, She lit a stick, puffed and then said,
“My Prof, that girl fucked you up bad. She played you. Now she owns a good car and brags about it everywhere.”
She puffed again and continued.
“You should have acted fast when I informed you about the sex tape in her possession, the day she showed me. Look, she still has that tape, and she may still use it against you in future.”

Uzoamaka is also one of the several girls in the department who sleeps with the Prof for good grades, unknown to her ‘friend’ Benita.
Prof Okechukwu replied,
“My beautiful black sparrow, I had no choice other than to comply with her terms. She would have sent that video to my wife. Well, that’s not why I sent for you.”
“Tell me then…” Uzoamaka said
“Let’s get rid of her!”
“No Prof! Hei God! I may be a snitch and an informant, but I’m definitely not a hire killer o.”

Prof Okechukwu leaned forward and spoke to her directly in the face, “Listen black sparrow, I’m not a killer either, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.”
He grimaced and continued,
“I assure you you’re graduating with a First class honours. Moreover, With my links, I will secure you a plum job after graduation…come on black sparrow! You know what it means to be a First class graduate of the prestigious Bismark Benson University…It comes with a scholarship to run a Masters degree at Havard University, America. This is something Benita also wants. Would you let her have such
opportunity? Would you?”
“Prof, hmm…You know that has been my dream. So what should I do?”
“Good! Monitor her movements. Tell me the right time to strike, and leave the rest to me.”
“I will!” Uzoamaka replied coldly.

* * * * * * * * *
Almost everyone in Economics department lecture hall wore a sad, gloomy look.
“She was so kind. She was loved. Just few days back she celebrated with us right outside there…She will always live in our hearts. Can we all please stand up for a moment.”,
Grace stood beside Prof Okechukwu on the podium, as she addressed the students. The students stood up to observe a minute silence for late Benita.

She was shot in the head by unknown gun men in her brand new car at the school gate. Right there in the hall, Uzoamaka and the H.O.D, Prof
Okechukwu were filled with guilt. They avoided each other’s stare. Jeff was also present in the hall…
Grace couldn’t look Jeff in the eyes. She was filled with guilt.
……………………………. To Be Continued……………………..
Written By: Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
Cover Photo By: Victor Ede
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