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This is my new blog site. Remember I told you all I was cooking up something for you. In case you missed that follow the link here.
Oya oh, the food don ready, make una come chop inside dis my Cave! You’re officially welcome to Bismark’s cave. Yes! my brand new ‘tear rubber’ blog site. . Bismark’s cave is basically for it’s readers to have fun with different posts. Na so so ‘gist gist’ unlimited! I’ll offer you a wide range of stories, narratives, name it! In fact, one word to describe my blog is ‘random’. I’ll expound on each series you’ll find on my blog;
At every corner, there’s a story! So i’ll be dishing out every story on the surface of the earth, including the ones that are true and false. I’ll be sharing some crazy, juicy stories and then I’ll give my take on each of these stories. Every gist lover will get the opportunity to contribute as well. We will interact and do small ‘aproko’ (gossip) in this small cave and call it a day. After all, Amebo, tatafo, Aproko, na wetin carry me come here full time.
This is my corner. I’ll share my daily encounters and experiences for your reading pleasure! Some guest writers will be featured as well on some occasions.
Motivational session:
This session is aimed at challenging us to think positive and make better choices. We’ll also discuss goals, we’ll learn to solve life’s problems and prepare ourselves for every situation. I know some umu chineke (born again people)will like this one. Lol.
Faces of the week:
Every week, a fine babe and a handsome bobo will be picked to be the face of Bismark’s cave. They’ll also get the opportunity to advertise their selling point!
Just to spice up the blog and cater to my younger audience. Every week, a compilation of songs garnering radio spins will be dropped.
You’ll get to view the list of local/international chart toppers and you’ll get to share your favorite songs as well! This segment will be handled by Victor! Trust me, he’s good in this department.
I’ll appreciate your feedback in the comment section. Let me know if you’re feeling it already, you can also drop suggestions.
Meanwhile, biko don’t mind the blog’s poor graphics and color oh, I know it’s not fine. Ehh..I know…leave am for me oh…Na so uncompleted building dey be.
But no worries, extra features will be added subsequently to give this CAVE a better look.
. Ehhm…I feel my new audience should get to know me.

What’s there to say sef? Bismark is all about positivity. He’s like every focused young Nigerian guy who’s focused on making something out of nothing with a strong work ethic. That’s all! Lest I forget, they say I’m a chatterbox oh…There’s no name they’ve not called me, but na dem sabi.


*You’re welcome! Before you step into my cave, remove your shoes*

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