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Today, I noticed my social media feeds is all about “no bra day.”

Folks took to Facebook/bbm to post pictures of topless white women who raised their hands up in the air in a carefree manner, while stretching their bra…

Set the 'tatas' free?
                                        “Set the ‘tatas’ free?”

Lawwd! Pictures that can sexually arouse a healthy man oh. Hmm… I thought ‘No bra day’ was a joke, not until I found few forums and sites which were already discussing this topic. After doing some research, I found that it’s all about Breast Cancer Awareness/campaign and to show massive support for breast cancer patients. It happens on every 13th of October. It’s a good thing if you ask me.

On a glorious bra-less day like this, Every woman is expected to post the color of their brassieres or take off their bra in support of the aim of this campaign. But I wonder why Nigerian women are too shy and conservative sef. They can’t even try and shake bodi small.

Today is “No bra day!” It’s not even as if we the guys want to see anything oh…no! Mbanu! If that’s what you’re thinking. You’re suppose to do it for humanity. Remove your ‘kini’ and post the picture o jare…Flaunt it…come on! That’s how we’ll know that you’re a wonder woman, a passionate supporter of this campaign. That’s how we’ll know dat u haf come.

But no, You go sidon dia dey shout “No to breast cancer!” You can’t even do the small thing that’s expected of you. . My dear, action speaks louder than words…


8 thoughts on “NO BRA DAY!!!

  1. Nice blog Bis baba….e come be for “no bra day” you com decide to make it known to us….bros e be like say you go like bobbi scatter.

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  2. nice one, yeah, breast cancer ♋ is really troubling our women. Good thing there’s this awareness about it. But white ppl can show their breasts all they want. Don’t know if our African ladies will zealously agree to that. They’ll first gladly show it to partners before showing it off to the whole world.

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    1. yeah I guess it’ll be nice if they did. But it won’t be funny having mine on display, hehe, u get what I mean na


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