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Ministerial List Palava


I No Sabi Politics… So everything I’ve written is purely based on my quack observation.

You know, sometimes I wonder why political matters dey always shack people sef. Some people stayed glued to their tv screen for 3-4 hours straight, watching the senate carry out the ministerial screening. Una try o!

That’s how I didn’t rest yesterday. Even those who didn’t watch it be ‘famzing’ everywhere…Some dey carry the whole thing for head as if they were seated live in the National assembly. Lol… Make person know say una dey current, knowledgeable and well rounded… shebi? I laff u.

As if that’s not enough, Everyone I came across kept asking me “did you watch the ministerial screening?”…”Did you see this person and that person on tv?” … They didn’t even ask whether Nepa brought light first of all. No light sha through out yesterday..Na generator I use watch am. That’s the change we voted for oh.


Anyway, naija politics is extremely boring and annoying jare! What’s there to watch again? Like what’s new? Which grammar we wan hear again  wey we neva hear before? Which face have we not seen? Is it not the same old heads gathered together to deceive us once again on live Tv? *sighs*

Nigerians expected the best of the best, we were hoping to see many new faces of intellectuals, vibrant fresh blooded politicians. Alas! when eventually the list of our ministers was released, folks like me were surprise to see the same four notable politicians Nigerians have been so critical of their past performance! I won’t mention any name oh! Before somebody will carry my name and they’ll summon me to  Aso rock for questioning. you can guess those people I’m talking about.

Watching the whole screening process was like watching a fresh wet paint slowly dry on a wall. I could care less about the whole thing. Abeg, I was ‘jejely’ switching back and forth between MTV base and NTA, which as usual broadcasted the ministerial screening.


But when will NTA get it right in terms of sound/picture quality sef? There’s always this continuous ‘humming’ sound whenever you’re tuned to NTA, nawa for the oldest media house in Nigeria. Dem say bloggers suppose dey current with news 24/7, that’s why I just managed to patiently keep up with the whole screening process. If not….hmm!

So who else saw those specially trained folks for dumb persons, who used their hands to communicate every word spoken by the appointees? How do they do it sef? Those sign language interpreters were fascinating and more entertaining to watch than our ministers. If you ask me, they stole the show!

Ehhmm… If you were expecting me to give a total break down of the ministerial screening and the happenings in National Assembly, I’m sorry oh…Nothing for you. I no be newspaper! I’m just a lazy blogger. Have a great day.


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