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Most times, We always excuse a man cheating as a fact that the woman is lacking something. When nine times out of ten, it’s not about beauty without substance or having substance without beauty that will make a man cheat. Can men accept the fact that the tendency to cheat is never something you’re born with? Men who cheat, cheat because they WANT to. That’s the truth.

Ladies, you can give him bomb sex three times a day, 365/366 days of the year, go crazy in bed, have a sexy body and pretty face, be a millionaire, educated with eight degrees, but for a man that’s a cheat; that won’t be enough to keep him from straying. Men who remain faithful, remain faithful because they want to! Because they cherish what they have. Because they love you enough to not get involved with someone else in secret.


Guys, No excuses, reality is: for a man that has decided to cheat, as in you see it as a normal thing that runs in the blood; no amount of beauty or SUBSTANCE can make you remain faithful. For a man that doesn’t have the desire to cheat; there is no amount of/lack of beauty or SUBSTANCE that will make you cheat!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with maturing and realizing you want to move on because you no longer love the other person. It’s better to call off a relationship than cheat on your partner and still look them in face boldly and say “I love you.”


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