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Good to Go!!!


Just few months back they were posted to different geographical locations to carry out the mandatory twelve months service to our fatherland. It’s not been an easy journey. In spite of the rigors, risk and challenges they faced, including enduring the derogatory names we’ve always called them, (white fowl, otondo, suffer head, green vegetable, copper wire) they’ve finally made it to the end successfully.

Their lips are filled with gratitude to God for a successful National Youth service year. We rejoice with them ohhh, and we say a big CONGRATULATIONS! The burden has been removed, the stone of NYSC has been rolled away…You’ve been set free, now your suffering ends..I decree, go into the world and multiply financially ni oruko Jesu. Amen!

BismarkExpired Corper

The chatterbox crew interviewed some of these newly passing out corpers (abi ex-corpers) and they had these words to say;

Camp Kitchen? Not for me… Mammy Things…

Name– Oguejiofor Martin Ifeanyi, B.Sc. Estate Management

State of deployment– FCT Abuja

Place of primary assignment– kene Onuora Consulting, Garki II Abuja.

His words– Nysc in Abuja was a crazy experience, fun and kinda expensive. Though I give all glory to God. I will miss my friends overe here in Abuja and my PPA. I miss the alawi sha, My CDS pals and my platoon guys.


Name– Adetola Adebiyi,

Graduate of Bowen University.

State of deployment– Ogun State

Her words– ” it has been you God,even when I walk through the valley of shadows of death you were there, and when I thought it was over, you gave me the strength to pick up my pieces and continue the race cos it isn’t over until it will be over. Lord I know you have many things in place for me you just waiting for my discharge letter. (Una go fear pastor wife) Friends meet me at the top cos the sky is the beginning of my break through. I appreciate my friends(old and new) and Ogun state for making my Nysc period fun.

The Chairman

Name– Dozie kennedy Agu,

Graduate of Imo state university

State of Deployment– Akwa Ibom

Place of primary assignment– Ministry of Youth and Sports, Commissioners office, Uyo LGA

Title won– Mr NYSC Akwa Ibom 2014 batch C

His words– It is finished! Kinging! (How e no go talk like big man? E easy to serve for Commissioner Office? We hail u oh) .

Alowie Is Involved

Name– Chukky David

State of deployment– Niger state

Place of Primary Assignment– Niger state Day secondary school

His words – “Yes, one journey has ended and another just begun, but its a good sign, at least we’ve successfully completed one. God who saw us through this past year, is more than able to secure the uncertain future for us.”

Who the cap fits…

Name-Kenechukwu Okafor

Graduate of Abia state university

State of deployment – Lagos state

Place of primary Assignment – Lagos State Judiciary, G.R.A Ikeja.

His words – “The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles, I’m grateful to God” .

WELCOME TO REALITY CORPERS. YOUR DESTINY NOW LIES IN YOUR HANDS. No more government pikin! No more shakara with khaki, No more allowee! I pray your suffering does not continue o! Wishing you success in your endeavours


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