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Should you play with yourself or not?


Whenever the issue of masturbation is raised people withdraw to their shells, bible passages that have no direct bearing with masturbation becomes everyone’s reference point. Some people pretend they don’t know about this activity they use to OR still partake in.


Nobody admits that they pleasure themselves sometimes…The one who’s bold enough to discuss masturbation is always seen as a mentally and psychologically disturbed person who needs immediate medical attention and prayers! And then you have the hypocrites who are quick to label every act as “sinful” because they don’t want to be seen as that guy or lady that wanks in their closet.


I wonder when something as normal, healthy and natural as masturbation became a taboo. What’s really the problem with it? For crying out loud, a lot of people masturbate because it’s the most common form of sexual activity with all of humanity. No need to pretend about it.

Sometimes, people (married and singles) can’t help feeling aroused sexually. Even the married ones whose partners ain’t with them for a long period of time maybe due to job transfer, etc How do they get the pressure off themselves when they’re alone? They masturbate!


I will never understand why most Christians obsessively outcry against masturbation. They always see as a demonic act influenced by forces of darkness, which calls for total deliverance. I wonder if it’s not the same God who created men to have wet dreams to expel semen occasionally to keep semen healthy and virile?

Funny! There is virtually nothing said in the Bible about masturbation, don’t allow anyone play tricks with your mind. If you ask me, It’s better to masturbate in your closet than becoming a sexual deviant.


And you need not feel guilty about yourself after masturbating because someone says it’s wrong. And that crap about males wasting semen and becoming impotent through masturbation has to go. That’s the most ignorant statement anyone can make. The entire reason why masturbation is recommended is that, it flushes the fluids in your male gland and performs a cleansing process which reduces the risk of prostrate cancer. Masturbation is one of the healthiest things for your sexual health.

Via jerbearinsantafe
Via jerbearinsantafe

Please, let me educate folks on why they should masturbate;

*It will curb your wild sexual urge. Guys, you won’t be chasing after every girl therefore you save money.

*You’re safe from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy for male/females.

*Masturbation is therapeutic.

* it Improves quality of sleep.

*You’re in touch with your desires and you get to understand your body better.


3 thoughts on “Should you play with yourself or not?

  1. bro,i dont agree with you on this one as much as it has its advantages ,its disadvantages outweighs overwhelmingly.i am not claiming to be a saint but medically,religiously,psychologically and even socially it is wrong.but interesting post though and quite bold!

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    1. Alright…I’m open to reading different views. You said “medically, religiously, psychologically and even socially it is wrong.”
      Please, why is it wrong? How does it harm folks? Please expound on that. Thanks.


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