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Things Nigerian ladies do that guys don’t like


* Making excessive demands is something that’s very common with naija ladies.

Everything will be done for you. He will recharge your phone, send money for new hair style, change your phone and still take you out on weekends; as if the poor guy na your papa. Stop depending on guys for everything. What happened to loving a person and building with them without draining their pockets? Don’t you value sharing dreams, aspirations, intellect, mind, TIME etc with that special one?.

Sometimes I wonder if It’s bad for a woman to ask a man out and spend lavishly on him. No guy takes seriously a money hungry lady.

You treat him like a ‘maga’, he treats you like a sex toy!

* Dirtiness:

Aunty, how you go carry the same weave-on for head for 3 months? And then the hair smells like a dead rat wherever you go. I don’t want to talk about the dirty bra strap we get to see whenever some ladies step out of their homes.

* Excess make up and fakeness!


Since this make up and contouring thing became rampant, The way ladies make their faces look like sculpture and change their identity is quite baffling. No wonder make up artistes earn much these days.

In the morning after applying it, u resemble Kim kardashian, for afternoon u resemble Genevieve, for evening u resemble Mr Ibu. Haba! Maintain one face na.

What about the ones who stuff themselves with foam?(butt pad) .Continue! Guys are watching oh! But we no go talk anything.

* Nigerian ladies always have this DESIRE to fight or quickly take offence in a relationship so that they’ll be begged.


Most guys will agree with me on this. They make guys go through hell just to please them. And some of them do this because they feel the relationship is boring if they don’t argue 24/7. They see it as a form of entertainment! smh.

* Naija ladies believe every guy is interested in sex.

A guy can’t even say ‘hello’ again without you ladies getting freaked out. You see every guy as a predator, a walking penis, a horny sexual deviant.

Give him your phone number na wahala! You can’t even be patient enough to have a short conversation with him and know his intentions.

Guys are not animals! We can wait for sex. Sometimes we just want to be friends with you, that’s all.

* Naija ladies too dey form as if dem no dey shyt.

It’s really annoying oh. Some of them should stop faking an American accent. Speak normal na! Blow pidgin English sometimes, It doesn’t make you less of a beauty. Speak your mother tongue if need be. Stop speaking like you were raised in the UK when you’ve lived in Onitsha all your life! .

Dress decently!


Stop advertising your boobs and backside in public. All these babes who like to wear extremely tight jeans and sag una try! After when una climb on top okada, the whole thing go just display like sign board.

You know you’re putting on a short dress, yet when you sit down you’ll make effort to cover your laps with a handkerchief. And if any guy dare looks at that area, you’ll give him an “ugly stare”. As if you don’t like it. If I hear!

I hope every lady will read this article and give it a thought, cos Nigerian guys are not happy. We dey vex! We look forward to seeing some changes as soon as possible.


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