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Via goodniterooms
Via goodniterooms

We all took classes in Biology, so I presume we know how a woman gets pregnant..

No one even needs formal knowledge to understand the process that leads to conception, cos nature teaches you at the right time. But If you still don’t know sha, ask google.

I may not fully understand what most couples mean when they say “we’re trying for kids”…but I know sexual intercourse must take place at a scheduled period, especially when the woman’s reproductive system is ready.


So I was seated among the people of God the other day. It was testimony time and different folks came out to share testimonies about what God has done for them. Errm…When you’ve decided to stand before the people of God to share your testimony, you say it as it is…you don’t leave out some important information and choose the ones to share…haba!


In as much as we appreciate God through testimonies, People learn one or two things from such stories and apply same level of faith. Yes you prayed and God answered your prayers(we know) but tell the people of God the whole process it took to achieve same result! If not, keep your testimony to yourself ni.

" Short Commercial Break #FacesOfTheWeek"
” Short Commercial Break #FacesOfTheWeek”

As I was saying.

That’s how one man shared a testimony of how his son was born some months back. From his testimony, It’s not like he had any problem with his reproductive organs, he was medically okay..madam was okay too…They just desired another child..So they kept “trying.” He prayed and fasted with his wife for some days, miraculously madam became pregnant!


*church congregation scream hallelujah*

Na so I sidon dia dey roll my eyes! Body just dey bite me for wia I sidon. “Oga, why not just say it as it is..there’s no need to feel embarrassed by saying you knew your wife…Abi una no do am? It’s not like we don’t know what happened between that praying and fasting period.” I said to myself. Why are human beings like this sef?

Anyway me sef follow wave my hand shout hallelujah…After all it was an “Immaculate Conception”.


2 thoughts on “BABY MAKING!!!

  1. Hehehe…we all know it takes a sim card to be inserted into a phone before one can make calls…but the hidden meaning of such testimony is that they fast n pray and untop the fasting n prayers dem dey nyash join…our God is a merciful God…but the moral lesson is when you get married and must have done all the marriage rights sex ceases to become a sin,it becomes a blessing that God himself is happy to watch you and your wifey perform those styles you guys love n enjoy best…Lol


  2. Lmao…”God himself is happy to watch you and your wifey perform those styles you guys love n enjoy best”…If I hear…because God no get better thing to look abi…Well, for such testimonies, there are words that can be used to convey the message, not just ‘spiritualising’ the whole thing as if there was no physical contact. Biko kwa.


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