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Anything Wrong With Big Weddings?


I’ve heard people say big weddings are so unnecessary. Couples shouldn’t lavish so much in big weddings. Same folks will always say “Spend less and plan for life after wedding.”

Yes, I don’t see anything wrong with a modest wedding. Of cos one has to be prudent and economical when planning for their wedding. At least, make husband and wife see food to chop after wedding and most importantly, to avoid paying debts here and there. But does it mean one has to do a Wishy-washy wedding all in the name of managing funds?


All fingers are not equal…I know…But…ermm…ok I don’t know how to put it to avoid being misunderstood, but some weddings I’ve attended just ended up looking like a joke or a scene from “Papa Ajasco.”

For such weddings, One could easily tell the couples just decided to do their wedding anyhow for formality. There’s no fun, no spark, no taste! Nothing! It would have been better if they just did a quiet court or traditional wedding, instead of a low, miserly, embarrassing white wedding where the bride dons a tacky, unflattering wedding gown as if the seamstress use the bride gown learn work for the first time. Groom uses his parlour for reception and then groundnut, biscuit and pure water is served to guest.Tell me, when such couples replay that wedding tape, won’t they wince, sigh and feel like doing another wedding?

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I’m sorry but the most important day in one’s life has to be well celebrated, big and memorable. Empty your savings, it’s allowed. Hello! It’s your big day. You can forget every damn thing in this life, but your wedding day will never be forgotten. Therefore, If you’ve got the money, make it classy. Make sure it stands out! If you can afford to hire a limo, go for one. Fly in R.kelly to perform his classics if your pocket dey loaded. You can also pay for a yatch for your wedding and honeymoon if you wish! It’s your money. It’s your day…It’s not vanity. Ha! A day you’ve always dreamed about and prayed for?…come on! Abeg oh! Dem no dey do wedding two times, so it has to be colorful.

"...Honey, hope you remembered to invite R.Kelly..."
Honey, hope you remembered to invite R.Kelly…”

Most people that make comments about not spending or hating the idea of lavishing money on weddings are usually single or broke point blank! period!!. If you have the money and opportunity to celebrate your love for each other in a big way with your family, WHY wouldn’t you do that?

I’d rather spend money on my wedding and drink garri with my wife the next day. Lol… No mind me, I just dey make mouth. Me sef wey dey talk, I never know how my own go be.


Ok on a more serious note, I understand the significance of having a day that two people in love make a stand before family and friends in a UNION before God. So I don’t believe there’s anything like spending too much or wasting money on one’s wedding day.


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