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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)


DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the face of the cave for the week! These beautiful and charming people will grace the pages of Bismark’s cave just as we do every week. Let’s just say they absolutely delivered. Yup! As we can see they’re hot, among many other things that we find captivating. We’re delighted to have them feature in this series.

                    “…Because I’m Happy…”

Philip Ndifreke Fabian aka LINK as he’s fondly called is a strong willed, enthusiastic, goal driven young man in his mid-twenties and he has a B.Sc. in medical biochemistry from the reputable university of Calabar, Calabar, Cross river state. “LINK” is an Akwa Ibom boy, i mean full blooded and a proud Akwa ibom man (shout out to the Okon and Ekaette people).

                                    “… I Sight U …”

I like a blend of few things ranging from music, arts, movies, books, fashion.

I like to dress simple and my best choice of clothes are dark coloured clothes (ash, gray, black) exactly how i like my women..”DARK SKINNED GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST”.

I’m of the school of thought that says “MAN KNOW THYSELF” ‘SOCRATES’ so i never compare myself to anyone. I came from nothing so i appreciate everything.

Lastly i want to be a Senate President but i no too like politics, how’s that going to be possible? Abeg no let BUKOLA SARAKI see this part ooo. Well, God’s got me! GOD IS SUREST, put God first…It’s an honour to get a spot on Bismark’s cave…GOD BLESS YOU. My Contact – 08134791825

….Lets Meet Sandra

'... The Smartest...
”… The Smartest…”

I am Sandra Anorue. (Nick name is Noble Queen).

I’m from Imo State Nigeria. I have my BA in History and International Studies from Imo State University Owerri.

“…GhenGhen For The Finest…”

My hobbies include; cooking, travelling & watching movies. I like honesty and dislike lies and deception.

Favourite quote: “sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all you need to appreciate where you are today

Pin: 7F274F03


Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t he handsome? Perfect match right? Yessss! lol. Seriously, God create oh. To fine no easy, to fine na talent sef. As you can see, Fine boy Philip, the Boss of the Beard Gang Association of Nigeria is SINGLE oh. So all my ladies, On your marks…get set…GO!!! No carry last o! Wish you good luck.

As for the gorgeous Sandra, I don’t need to talk too much. I know say some guys don already dey try their luck. Lol…Naija guys sef…control ya sefs for once. I wish you good luck too.

To qualify for the next Face of the cave series

*Have your profile be a clear face shot.

*Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies.

*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin- 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook.

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!


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