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Blackmail With a Sex Tape

                                    Via thekushchronicles

I keep hearing about scorned guys who blackmail their girlfriends or leak their nude photos and sex tape after a bad break up. It’s no news because there are a lot of wolves out there.

These wolves in human form wouldn’t think twice before demeaning and subjecting someone’s sister, daughter and future wife to a lifetime of shame, for reasons best known to them.

                                                 Via naijatechy

There are so many viral, nude photos and sex tapes of young naive ladies who must have once trusted their ‘bobo’ before they got leaked. These leaked videos are so many on the internet that there are now several Nigerian websites dedicated to leaked sex tapes.


For a few I’ve seen, both parties consented to having sex on camera. But then, if you view most of these videos, It don’t look like the females agreed to have sex with their man on film. Some of the ladies in the videos appear to be alert, awake and ignorant of any recording. So what happened? The nigga pulled a fast one on her. He probably knows that she may not consent to a sex tape, so what does he do? He simply invites the lady over, not just for another sex romp but to capture her nudity or make a porn video with his laptop. If you’ve observed, such videos usually begin with a guy checking through his laptop or Just as romance begins, he goes to check his laptop! “Bros don go on him laptop webcam…e go set am face bed, so e go capture una well…”

Via oyindamolaradio
                               Via oyindamolaradio

A smart dude would’ve set his cam at the right angle before his woman visits, but just to be sure the camera is well positioned, he double checks…All these while, the naive lady is ignorant of his evil scheme. Tomorrow after a bad break up, she may see herself in a leaked video, not just any video but a particularly graphic one that shows her engaging in all kinds of lewd acts with her Ex-boyfriend! And then it causes a bit of a scandal.

Poor girl is faced with the shame and has to live with the guilt for a long time. Ladies ought to be very careful these days when visiting guys!

Via olukoyaobafemi
                                         Via olukoyaobafemi

In my next post, I’ll discuss danger signs every lady should look out for when you visit your man.


4 thoughts on “Blackmail With a Sex Tape

  1. I see that as immaturity and highly offensive…in fact there should be a strong law against filming a person’s nakedness in hidden cameras and then bringing it to public without their knowledge or consent…if I had a sister I will deal ruthlessly with any nigga who records their bedtime in hidden cameras…some guys can be so disrespectful,abusive and immature…I wouldn’t do that to any girl I happen to be intimate with…thats total nonsense.


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