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Is Abstaining From Sex Till Marriage Unrealistic To You?


The church will always advice young people like this; “Wait, don’t rush into sex… Don’t fornicate! Don’t lust after a woman or man! Your body is God’s temple! You have to treat it right and don’t let any spirit to dwell in it. Once you have sex with someone you’ve taken a part of them.” Such words itch our ears. Young people don’t want to hear all that cos…well…it’s practically impossible. Many singles have heard warnings like this on Sundays, yet sex is the order of the day in our society!

But let’s look at the whole thing critically; Body no be firewood na! There’s no need to pretend about it, even Pastor sef sabi wetin I dey talk. With the regular rainfall and extremely cold nights, coupled with those wild-raging hormones within us, come on! Is it possible to avoid yielding to the natural cravings and desires of the flesh till one gets married? Is it possible? Answer it in your hearts.


Let me ask, Can a relationship exist where you share intimate moments with each other and sincerely enjoy each other’s company without having sex or kissing and fondling each other? (which is as good as having sex) I doubt…sincerely, I doubt it.

So what the holy bible is saying in essence is, one has to completely avoid having any relationship with the opposite sex, till they’re ready for marriage. Wheeww! If you ask me, that’s a long wait. No wonder virgins are looked at as stupid people. Lol…As if it’s a crime to be a virgin. Many folks can’t comprehend how one would decide to miss out on the sweetness and pleasure derived from sex on religious grounds.

Via waitingtillmarriage
                           Via waitingtillmarriage

If you’re a virgin or you’ve gone for long periods without having sex, you’re STRONG cos you’ve cheated nature.


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