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Could This Be Why I’m Still Single?


So my ladies, how una dey?

I was thinking, have you ever come across a tall, handsome dude, whose swagger and confidence leaves you mesmerized? The moment you set your eyes on him, You began to feel butterflies in your tummy. And then, He walks up to you to say “hello”…Instantly, you get turned off…”Fine boy smelling mouth.”

Na so many guys use fall dia hand! Good hygiene is not just a female thing as most guys would think. It’s a necessity for both sexes. Guys should endeavor to clean up themselves from the inside first, before doing big boy outside. Even me sef wey be guy, I see some fellow brothers sagging their pants, revealing their dirty boxers. You see the inner lining of their boxers has already turned brown.

Via rosieosho
                     Via rosieosho

I was discussing with my nurse friend the other day, she said “The odour oozing out of some boxers when guys come to take injection sometimes makes me want to quit my job.” Lol… Most guys wear the same boxers for weeks! They keep sniffing their boxers everyday. Until they perceive a strong odor they won’t wash it. Yet you see them looking for girlfriends. The day wey God go touch dem to wash their boxers, na so washing-water go change color to black.

I’m not going to give the men ‘bashers’ the opportunity to have a feast on this post, So I’ll discuss ladies as well.

You will see some ladies all dressed up and looking good. But once you come close to them hiannnnn!!!, you feel the urge to puke. *shivers* The pungent smell emitting from their body especially their armpit region, will throw you off balance. Some ladies are that dirty. Don’t let me get started on the dirty bra strap we get to see sometimes, yet you go see as dem go dey form for Africa. Nawa o…ndi dirty kwenu!


Ok people, good personal hygiene doesn’t cost anything! It’s just a decision. Brush your teeth twice daily (don’t forget your tongue oh, scrape am wella)

Guys trim your beards and smell good! That lady who has been playing hard to get may not be hard after all.


Ladies wash your hair, no dey carry the same weave-on for head for one year! And most importantly, that hair that grows down-south, you know where I’m talking about abi? Good! It has to be trimmed regularly. Some people bush don grow sotey dem fit plait am sef! Wheeew…abeg use this weekend do small deforestation.

Ok! I’m out of here…Have a nice day.


5 thoughts on “Could This Be Why I’m Still Single?

  1. Bis baba…Hehehe! you got me rolling on the floor with “ndi dirty kwenu” lwkm….but though some guys can be unkept with their beards no mean say all n!ggas wey dey grow bear bear get bad hygiene o…Hehehe “ndi dirty kwenu!!”

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