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I Paid My Bride Price!!!

Via gbaramatukingdom
                              Via gbaramatukingdom

They love each other…

They’re inseparable love birds. They couldn’t imagine living their lives without each other. After he engaged her, they made plans for a traditional wedding. While making plans for his traditional wedding, His business took a turn for the worse unexpectedly. His business collapsed and things became pretty bad for him.

Via chocolatechutzpah
                                   Via chocolatechutzpah

Fortunately, the lady (his wife to be) has a high paying job and she earns six figures monthly plus gratuity. Wheeew! Knowing her man is broke didn’t change Clara’s mind one bit. No it didn’t! She didn’t even tell her parents about his circumstance. Of cos if she did, Chief Mbadiwe would have countered the idea of his only daughter getting married to a man who’s out of job.

Clara stood by Emeka! She was supportive financially and in every other aspect. You know, things people do for love. *smiles* The problem is, Emeka couldn’t afford her bride price and the endless list of items requested by the bride’s family and her money-hungry kindred. Clara insisted the traditional wedding must go on.

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Clara offered to pay her own bride price by giving Emeka the money, yet Emeka’s pride wouldn’t allow him accept it. Clara’s offer didn’t sit right with him. “Such thing is unheard of! It makes a ‘man’ seem less of a man”, so he thought. Well, after much hassle he reluctantly accepted that she fund the traditional rites expenses. In essence, Clara paid her own bride price, while Emeka played the role of a rich suitor.

Via nigeriathegoodnews
                                 Via nigeriathegoodnews

Things like this happens, especially in the Eastern part of the country where bride price is on the high side. Now the question is, “Is it a crime for a woman to give a man money to pay her bride price, when the man doesn’t have money?” Is it acceptable? Is it forbidden? Please share your views.



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4 thoughts on “I Paid My Bride Price!!!

  1. Bros!! For me i won’t accept my wife to be give me money for her bride prize or foot our wedding expenses if am down financially,i would rather go borrow money from my family and friends than have her pay her own bride prize,that union wouldn’t be so rich in respect…dey babe go begin do anyhow and sometimes she will be like after all he’s got nothing on me I paid my own bride prize…it’s a big NO for me.

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  2. Me will neva accept my wife paying her bride price……She can foot d bill if she wants anytin to b done at d party dat I can’t afford…..But her dowry is mine to pay…….She is not marrying herself……This has got nothing to do with love but everything to do with reality


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