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Na Only Women Anointing Dey Catch?

Via queenogbajeblog
                       Via queenogbajeblog

It’s the first day of November, so traditionally we say “Happy New Month” to each other abi? Okay, Happy new month my beloved ones.

Today being Sunday, I went to church as usual to dance my life away! And of cos to thank my God for the month of October. Na prophetic Sunday wey carry small deliverance, so gist dey! Cos plenty things happen for church. The thing wey bring dis story come na DELIVERANCE.


Why e be say anytime dem begin do deliverance for church, na only women dey fall for ground, where as men remain unmoved? As soon as the deliverance session began, Pastor began to declare ‘Receive it! Receive it! Yerasharima roboskantaraba…Take it! Take it!’ *speaks in tongue* All the guys received it and remained on their feet oh, but make una come see as all the whole ladies begin land for ground one by one..All of dem dey shout “fire! Fire!” Most of them seemed to be in agony, cos the way they were sweating, wailing, weeping and rolling on top themselves on the ground, hian! I never see this kain thing before oh.

Even the ones wey wear Brazilian hair scatter am finish as dem dey do somersault…Dem kon resemble karashika. That’s how they began to confess their atrocities. “Father forgive me…daddy have mercy oh Lord…ewww…Chisos! have mercy daddy! Fire ohhh” . The minute pastor laid hands on each of these ladies, another round of battle with spiritual forces began.


Wetin dey roast them, I no know. Fear catch me no be small. Just wondering, What’s it with our ladies and deliverance sef? Why are females the only demon carriers?

On a serious note, Guys should be careful oh! The kain demons wey some ladies carry strong pass ‘king kong.’ Guys! Always take note of those sisters wey dey always fall under anointing…Take note of them my brothers and steer clear.



Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson is a storyteller, a Chatterbox, Gist lover and Blogger. Between pursuing a career in the field of Engineering and managing few side jobs, Bismark does freelance writing on this blog. He shares his thoughts in real and engaging ways for your reading pleasure. It’s a juggle but thankfully, he lives to write. I hope you enjoy every series brought to you by the chatterbox team. What else? I'm proudly Nigerian...Igbo made!

2 thoughts on “Na Only Women Anointing Dey Catch?

  1. learnt every lady has 72 demons in them but I’ve never believed that…..but the way these ladies fall apart anytime men of God blow breeze inside mic dey make me wan believe say true true dem carry demons for body but maybe not upto 72….Lol


  2. Heard every girl has 72 demons in them but I vehemently refuse to believe that….but the way these lady fall apart each time men of God blow breeze inside mic dey make me wan believe say true true dem carry demons for body but maybe not upto 72 jor….Lol


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