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Via galatians419.blogspot
                         Via galatians419.blogspot

I don’t want to be misunderstood.

Prayer is the key so I won’t try to deny it’s efficacy. But then, it amazes me that Nigerians try to solve even the most logical problems with prayers. We always resort to spiritual solutions. I wonder what happened to our ability to engage in long thought process with our brains, to proffer solution to issues.

*She’s not had a child for years, instead of going for thorough medical check up and run tests…No, that wretched old woman in the village is holding my womb, after all she never smiles at anyone.

*Your man beats you black and blue and also cheats on you… My dear, keep praying hard! He will change ok. When next he strikes you on the right cheek, turn the left cheek for another slap.


*That terminal sickness won’t’s becoming worse by the day… My brother fast for one week, drink holy water and pray!

*You dream at night, you masturbate as well…go for deliverance! You’re possessed.

*Family members have been dying before the age of 40, due to same strange illness… Oh, it must be an ancestral curse…. Go and spend a month at Deeper Life camping ground.

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Via superradchristian
                         Via superradchristian

Talk about intellectual laziness and ignorance. We attribute every damn thing to forces of darkness. Whereas, some problems are self inflicted due to wrong application of our faith. Most problems persist because we can’t think for ourselves.

Moreover, God is not an instrument we only use to solve problems. He gave us working brains! You don’t need to sleep in a camp ground or revival ground for days, like a destitute.

I won’t say more. I hope every “religionist” will ponder on these words….


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