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Celebrity Look Alikes


To resemble celeb no easy oh…

The moment you realize you share similar features with a celebrity, it’s almost like you’ve found your long lost twin in that celebrity. You become their fan instantly.

Yep! The chatterbox team conducted a survey on the folks who make up our audience and we found few folks who are almost identical to some celebrities that they could pass for siblings! Yeah! Several similar challenges like this have been thrown in the past, but none of these folks have participated in any of it. It’s a first on Bismark’s cave! Yaay!

Who do you think looks most like the celebrity? Don’t laugh oh…just observe their facial features and vote wisely.

“… Ini-Edo Lookalike…”
".. Davido Lookalike..."
“.. Davido Lookalike…”
"... Janet Jackson Lookalike..."
“… Janet Jackson Lookalike…”
"...Kiss Daniel lookalike..."
“…Kiss Daniel lookalike…”
"... Iyanya lookalike..."
“… Iyanya lookalike…”
"... Will Smith Lookalike..."
“… Will Smith Lookalike…”
"... 2Face Lookalike..."
“… 2Face Lookalike…”
"...  Meek Mill lookalike..."
“…  Meek Mill lookalike…”
"... Banky W lookalike..."
“… Banky W lookalike…”

There you have it! What do you think? Did they nail it? Miss or hit?



Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson is a storyteller, a Chatterbox, Gist lover and Blogger. Between pursuing a career in the field of Engineering and managing few side jobs, Bismark does freelance writing on this blog. He shares his thoughts in real and engaging ways for your reading pleasure. It’s a juggle but thankfully, he lives to write. I hope you enjoy every series brought to you by the chatterbox team. What else? I'm proudly Nigerian...Igbo made!

10 thoughts on “Celebrity Look Alikes

  1. My husband’s brother is 2 face look alike, he resemble him wella wella, Leonardo and guy resemble and dat of kiss Daniel and nito Daniel very much resemblance


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