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Via resistanceandrenewal
Via resistanceandrenewal

After watching a viral video where an alleged Ghanian gay man was stripped, ridiculed, paraded and beaten to a pulp by savages, it brought about this question “Why do we really hate gays?” In spite of the fact that gays and lesbians abound in our society, in our work places, church, schools, and right in our families, we can’t still comprehend the fact that gays exist and will always exist?

You may think that gays ain’t in your circle, they are! Only few of them can be so frank enough to summon courage to come out of the closet. They wouldn’t want a taste of jungle justice and being ostracized by those they love. These are the reasons why gay men/women most times have no option than to live a false heterosexual lifestyle.


Sometimes I wonder, is homosexuality really a mental disorder? The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from their catalog of diseases because it wasn’t found to be a disorder. So why do we consider fornication and adultery more tolerable? I sincerely wish half as much uproar and anger would be made about adultery and infidelity. These are much more harmful to society, marriage, family and children.

I’m not trying to excuse bad behavior with worse behavior, but this is where the reform needs to start…but that’s by the way.


We tell gays that their lifestyle is learned and a result of influence and they can always change, but let’s keep an open mind and look at it this way; same way a heterosexual man wasn’t taught to be attracted to a woman, same way a gay man/woman wasn’t taught to be attracted to same sex. So why the misconception? Most gay men have gotten married out of societal pressure. Yet getting married has not made them straight. It hasn’t made the vagina and breast more appealing to them than a masculine body. They want out, but they have no choice! Having sex with women will not make you straight if you’re gay. It cannot drown that same-sex attraction.

Via skippingtothepiccolo
Via skippingtothepiccolo

WHY? Cos It is a part of who you are. So If we keep telling gays that they need to change, then they will always be depressed, they may end up getting married for the wrong reasons, they might end up committing suicide. And that will be a loss to you, your family and society..

God forbid you say? Yes, you’re affected. If we keep telling gays that they need to change because it’s an aberration and a great sin, Well, Unless we lived in a religious state (we don’t), religious references and objections shouldn’t be used to buttress our points.

Acceptance is the way forward.



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