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My Weight Loss Journey.


I was in a tricycle (keke) the other day. I witnessed how an obese woman had troubles lifting her mass of fatty flesh from the seat we shared, as she tried to get down at the bus-stop. It was a struggle! She winced and breathed heavily but we all waited patiently till she managed to squeeze through the exit opening of the tricycle.

That scene inspired this article. I felt I needed a living proof to show my blog readers that obesity can be dealt with, despite what many big sized people believe. I thought hard, God knows it wasn’t easy finding someone who was willing to share their story. Luckily my close friend, a Banker who once battled obesity and is still working on his fitness cos it’s a process, listened to my request and agreed to share his story on Bismark’s cave. I owe you one bro!

So this personal recount is for you who trudges about, because you’ve accepted that excess weight. You may wanna do something about it after reading this young man’s story.


My name is Ajamu Abraham Adedayo. I had childhood obesity which lingered till some parts of my adult life. All through my childhood, I was given all sorts of names like; orobo, obeki, bankula, elede onigbinde, etc. I even gave myself nicknames like fat Joe, big-belly to portray the extra baggage I was living with.


I didn’t see anything wrong with being overweight until it was time to start dating. Girls were like “bros you look like my uncle”, “you’re too old for me” (even though I was almost same age or a year older than most of them) “you’re too big for me, you will definitely crush me to death if you lie on me.” Getting my cloth size was also a problem.


All these didn’t stop me from adding weight till I reached 115 kg which was too much for my 178 cm height. Then on a Thursday morning early 2012, some guys came to my office and offered to do general wellness test for everybody. The outcome of the test led to my weight loss. They discovered I had too much fat in my blood, They said I had too much fat in my blood and low zinc. They also told me I was at risk of serious cardiovascular diseases if I didn’t do anything about my weight.


I started reading articles on weight loss and looked for ways I could incorporate exercise regimen into my busy life. Then I stumbled on an article on weight loss using stair climbing. I was lucky the building my office was located then had four floors.



I was climbing and descending the stairs for 30 minutes daily after work, With fire extinguisher lifting in between. I was using my office fire extinguishers then. We had many not very functioning extinguishers then.


I also incorporated 40 minutes trekking into my daily life

I reduced my carbohydrate intake

I increased my water intake

I started using skipping rope too

I increased my fruit intake (I replaced lunch with it)

I started eating my last meal of the day by 6pm

I was also drinking tea too



I bought a drug from GNLD TRE EN EN. A food supplement to make up for the nutrients I was lacking due to calorie restriction.


And my story changed. I reduced from 115 kg to 86 kg, waist size reduced from 42 inches to 36 inches. My look changed completely.


* * * ** * * ** * * ** * * ** * * ** * * ** * * ** * * ** * * *

With patience, consistence and a strict diet plan, you can achieve my new look! You can do it too! Please join my BBM channel. “Diary of a weight loser C00340534



Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson is a storyteller, a Chatterbox, Gist lover and Blogger. Between pursuing a career in the field of Engineering and managing few side jobs, Bismark does freelance writing on this blog. He shares his thoughts in real and engaging ways for your reading pleasure. It’s a juggle but thankfully, he lives to write. I hope you enjoy every series brought to you by the chatterbox team. What else? I'm proudly Nigerian...Igbo made!

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