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Candle In The Wind.


Nobody is invincible. We’re nothing!

Human life is just like a candle flame that flickers. Death could come at any point in time, and when it strikes, those years of training and pains it took to achieve everything you are now don’t matter anymore. You give up everything you’ve worked for all your life and transition. That ravishing beauty or handsome face could become a stone cold corpse the next minute, after which it’ll be lowered 6 ft in a grave yard, it’ll decay and the corpse becomes a feast for maggots.

Via reasonandmeaning
                               Via reasonandmeaning

Your influence, beauty, intelligence and power becomes a thing of the past after death. You’re mourned for a short period of time by those who care, after which everyone gets on with their busy lives while you become a memory.

The most important things that money can’t buy is LIFE and good health! When you’ve got both, you stay HUMBLE and grateful. Everyday we wake up and we’re able to put one foot after the other, it’s a miracle. It’s amusing how we sometimes get puffed up with pride and arrogance because of the few material things we’ve got or the level we’ve attained in life. As if we’re assured of breathing the next minute. As if we live in a perfect world without harm, dangers, sickness, misfortune and death.


You’re nothing! I’m nothing!!


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