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You put your money down, i put my money down, we predict the result of a football match. I bet money on Chelsea to win Arsenal. Who takes all the money depends on the outcome of the game. Guys know this! We do it right? Even the ladies have joined the bandwagon.

You know, while growing up gambling used to be a thing people do in secret and there were just few witnesses among our peers, cos back then it was considered a vice. Not so these days. We’ve got Nairabet, Lotto, Naijabet, etc… Bets are carried out under the full glare of the public. There are so many makeshift structures and decent buildings along the road side, well staffed and booming with bet business. We’ve taken gambling to another level. Gambling is no longer illegal or a hidden affair.

Via guruskaba
                                        Via guruskaba

I discussed with my friend about this trend, His reply was “People have won and bettered their lives”, He gave an example of a man who won N250 Million through Nairabet or so. E talk say na everyday Nairabet still dey deposit for the bros account cos the money long, sotey e get part 2, part 3, part 4.

Sounds cool right? Stories like this that appeal to the imagination of many is the reason almost everyone I know plays Nairabet. But ain’t we gradually raising a generation of wishful thinkers? A generation who believe success is based on luck instead of hard work? Ain’t we teaching the next generation that it’s okay to reap where you didn’t sow?


Gambling is greed, selfishness and laziness at the same time. How else do we define the desire to get rich quick with little effort? Many young people prefer gambling to getting shares and bank saving, which is a more intelligent decision compared to wasting resources on gambling. At least with shares, your money/input works for you to grow dividends considering calculable factors.

Gambling is subtle and addictive. You keep making decisions without a control of the outcome. You hardly realize how much you’ve spent in the process of trying over and over again to hit jackpot and then you get addicted at your own detriment.

I don’t think it’s right for people to hang their destinies on luck and predictions.


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