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FREAKY FRIDAY: Crazy Food Combination

Via leocommunications
                             Via leocommunications

Lol…it’s another freaky friday so get your freak on!

Uhhmm…We’re very different people, so naturally our taste buds differ. Na so baba God create us. You may not like what I enjoy eating, you may find my food combination irritating and I may find yours repulsive. After all they say one man’s food is another man’s poison.

The Chinese man enjoys eating live frogs, grasshopper and raw lizard, dem never still die till now. So the best you can do is turn your face away…and “ewwww”…while the Chinese enjoy their delicacy.


We all know those crazy food combination we enjoy, that everyone around us finds strange. So most times we shut our doors and eat alone, just the way we like it…So that nobody will assume you’ve run mad because of the visual appearance of that food.

Some people prefer to soak their bread inside hot tea till the bread swells before they eat it. Many people do it and I still can’t understand how that works. Some people would mix beans and pap together and stir it till it blends before they eat it, cos that’s the way they enjoy eating beans and pap. Ayaaammma! Ewwwww! I’ve seen different types of crazy food combo that got me wondering…where are these folks from?


For example, I was in one “Nwanyi Owerri” ‘buka’ (local canteen) the other day o, na so one Igbo man with one heavy Anambra accent begin order food… “Madam mix sie ya ofuma…tinye ofe Egusi, ofe nsala, ofe onugbu, ofe ogbono, ofe oha” Na so dem combine the whole soup wey dey Africa inside one plate give am make e chop. Haba! I no know wetin we go call dis kain thing, abi na long throat dey worry dis kain people. I never still know.

If you see some people food combination eh, the food go be like say na road sacrifice. The way they mix 3 different types of food together, you wonder if they’re human beings like you. Some people are just so FREAKY and weird like that.


Since it’s Freaky Friday, tell us those crazy food combination you and YOU alone enjoys. Don’t be shy! I understand. You’re not alone


2 thoughts on “FREAKY FRIDAY: Crazy Food Combination

  1. Lols. For me its soaking biscuits (fibre active) together with garri, grooundnut, n plenty milk….I call it biscuit flakes….d tin dey over sweet……..I’m so used to it dat without biscuits I can’t drink garri……And I go still dey form say I no dey drink garri……lols


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