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MAKEUP: Looking Good Vs Feeling Good


Back in the day, the only thing our mothers worried about while preparing for an outing was; correctly choosing the best color of cloth to match her jewelry and accessories. It’s not so now oh…

These days before any outing, a makeup artiste is usually on the top of the list for many ladies, before any other thing. Naija makeup artistes don use some women build house, buy motor join sef.


Ladies, You know, it’s one thing to look good after a makeover, but have you gotten so used to ‘sculpturing’ and ‘contouring’ your faces that you don’t feel good or beautiful enough without it? U don over rub pancake for face, sotey the day wey u no wear make up, people go notice am. People go say u be dis? E go be like say dem add 50 years on top your own years? Hmm.. I know so many females who can’t walk down the street without undergoing a makeup session. It’s that bad and that’s low self esteem!.


And guys don’t be deceived, all that glitters ain’t gold. There’s nothing makeup can’t fix these days! It’s about time you guys also start appreciating our natural sisters! In fact natural looking babes have been complaining that guys don’t consider them beautiful and hot enough to date. Sometimes you guys see them looking all natural and you call them local babes, ‘mgbeke‘, broke, while you go after the fake ones who rely heavily on artificial beauty products. It’s unfair oh. .

Sadly, In real life most of these so called hot babes on social media ain’t close to what they look like on your phone screens! She’s an instagram celeb and Facebook model. She’s got a million twitter followers.. Her beauty is unmatched..You guys be drooling and fighting for her attention. Na so una go dey comment for her photos like say dem use jazz nack una for head. . “Babe can I be more than a friend” “Nne, i love u pass my mother!” “Angel, thanks a million for accepting me on your friends list”




Bros, she fine die but you don see am for real life? U never hear of Camera 360 and makeup? Stay dia oh.

As technology is advancing, so is makeup! Let me stop here for now sha.


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