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#Bring Back Corporal Punishment



Few years ago when the Lagos state Government banned corporal punishment from all schools, many people, particularly parents supported the idea. Not just in Lagos state, most schools in different parts of the country have adopted the law…Nowadays, you hardly find cane in any standard modern school. In fact, many parents would be heated if they heard a teacher “put their hands” or “used a cane” on their child in this present age and time.

Gradually, cane is going extinct. Well, I’ll be a liar if I tell you that I’m happy with this whole development. I’m not trying to change the law, I can’t possibly do that but can we please reconsider bringing back corporal punishment? Even the holy book talked about sparing the rod and it’s consequence. Truth is, Nigerian students and apprentices need cane. They need punishments like “frog jumps, pick pin, stand on one leg and fly like an aeroplane.” You remember those tough old days abi?

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Most of us got the cane at school, hated it then, that’s why we tried to maintain good behavior. Corporal punishment is the only language this pig-headed generation of kids understand! Most of us with good character and high moral standard today achieved it all with the help of “uncle koboko or mr kpankere“.

Banning cane in schools makes a teacher’s job very difficult. During my Nysc program in the south-south region, I was assigned to a local school populated with truants, block heads, wild, unruly teens. Flogging made it easy to maintain discipline and manage them. A teacher can’t possibly achieve all that verbally.


Abeg make we no dey copy UK and America educational/school system where kids are begged and pampered. The African man was built with a tough skin and great stamina to absorb strokes of cane. Cane no dey kill African pikin, except it’s used wrongly in a cruel manner. Nigerian kids need those lacerations and scars all over their buttocks to reset them to their default factory settings o jare!


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