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Beards is back! Beards is the new sexy.

I still think the beauty of a man is his beard because it depicts manliness (sorry clean shaved guys like me). It’s no news that women love bearded men because bearded men exude a certain appeal. In fact only few female folks will admit that the attractiveness of a man’s face lies in how fuzzy it is. Naija babes know this, even though they wouldn’t admit it shaaaa.

“… 2 b fine boy no be beans…”

In recent times there’s been an increase in the number of guys we call “beard gang.” These descendants of Ojukwu have been rocking their beards confidently, in expression of their personalities and style.

Well sadly, most folks have issues with this cool trend called “beard gang.” I’ve found that Nigerian parents and elderly folks in general ain’t cool with their wards growing and grooming beard all over the face.

“… I Balance Well…”

As soon as they spot a little goatie on the faces of their sons, they freak out! Na so body go just dey bite them. If u kon turn ‘beard gang’ dem go say dia pikin don join cult oh...Immediately, there are calls for prayers and counselling. lol.. Everyday you wake up to the same advice. “Your beard is overgrown..trim your beard and look decent!” Oosssh! Let them be jare!

“… Beard + Singlet= Ladies Man…”

What’s really wrong with something as beautiful and innocent as growing beards? Why does our society see it as a sign of disrespect, irresponsibility and waywardness? Why do we assume that the guys with full beard must be the bad guys?…What has beards got to do with decency?

If you ask me, absolutely nothing! Fashion ain’t limited to clothes and accessory. Beards can be fashionable as well.

“… School of Long Beards…”

Let the beard gangs live!


2 thoughts on “BEARD GANGS!!!

  1. Na so bro,as I carry my own so momsy don worry me tire,just recently we were watching timaya’s “some more” video and I asked her “mom you see timaya’s beards? ” and she looked and I said to her,better start getting used to my little beginning because I will reach that level by next year…Lol…and she threatened to cut mine at night when am fast asleep…am security conscious these days so I lock my room once am retiring to bed…once a guy is bearded parents see you as indecent,rough and irresponsible…some go even dey look you as one of those armedrobbers wey dey robb lekki banks..but I no send anyway… but I can only send if am madly in love with your daughter and coming to ask for her hand in marriage.hehehe.


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