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FREAKY FRIDAY: The Haunted House

How do you explain it to anyone that the house you just moved into is being haunted by the scariest ghosts? It doesn’t even sound believable, rather it sounds like something straight out of a horror movie or probably an adventure game, right?
Who’s going to hear me out without advising that it’s time to put my clinic cards to use, after all Mental illness is real…but then, so are ghosts! Believe me.

I just moved into a two bed room apartment in Benin city. Since then, I’ve never had peace.
I usually pray the day never draws to a close because of the unusual events that take place at night. I always dread midnight hours cos that’s exactly when the whole ghost drama begins.
Footsteps are often heard throughout the
house, along with music and the crying of a newly born baby and it gives me an eerie feeling for as long as the night would last.


Tonight’s scenario is the worst of all. As the moon appeared through my window curtains, I could see this big monstrous looking, ugly bird beside my window, it wouldn’t stop hooting.
Just as I was about walking toward the window to “shoo away” the strange bird,
This wild wind kicked in and flung open my window which I’m sure was already locked and hooked.
I became frightened to death as I ran back to my bed.

I could hear men and women wailing in agony and singing from different corners of my apartment.
I was covered in my bed sheet, sweating profusely with my heart racing within my chest.
What happened next was scary as hell. Windows and doors were being opened and shut when no one else was in the house with me.
“Can I just die already?” I thought.
I could hear running water filling the bathtub. Apparently no one turned it on…
Now it dawned on me that strange creatures are in this house.


Trembling in fear as i stepped out of my room into the dark corridor leading to the bathroom.
“Holy Michael!” I gasped in horror as I flicked on the light and opened the bathroom door.
The bathtub and the whole tiled floor was all red, as blood gushed out of the tap and seeped through every opening and corners of the bathroom…
There was a bloody inscription on the wall which read;



My knees grew weak, I let out a brief, shrill cry and passed out.


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