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The Craze For A Ring.


The Nigerian society of today has largely placed our single ladies under pressure of marriage. When a lady gets to a certain age, usually 25 yrs and above, she is expected to have a man put a ring on her finger and answer ‘Mrs’…Whether such man exist or not, it’s no one’s business. Just get married and have kids like your mates!
Either she conforms to the pressure from family and friends or face the wrath.
It becomes worse for a single lady when Bimbo, Ngozi and Cynthia have all gotten married with kids and husbands they make sure to flaunt on social media, while you’re yet to find your own soul mate.


Then comes the cyber stalking by your nosy married female peers who are active on social media. After dealing with pressure from the home front, u go still kom jam anoda round online. Na so your married friends go dey show themselves. Some go even dey monitor you for Facebook and twitter.
“Babe how far na, when we go come do aso-ebi?”
“Cecilia, you know my hubby just bought me another car…thank God for the man he gave me oh.. ”

They rub it in your face that they’re married women with the best hubbies, dream families and happy homes,While you’re missing out on the sweetness of life. They indirectly shame other women who are single BY CHOICE or nature.
When their own men is probably trying to hit on that single lady behind their back. Lol…


Nothing is so annoying as the condescending attitude some women portray after they become a man’s wife. Suddenly they feel on top of the world, as if they’ve achieved a feat or broken world record by getting married.
These women are the ones who are quick to tell every other unmarried lady “you are not getting younger oh!” And then give these single ladies this *I’m better than you* stare.
Wait…You got the ring first, so what?
Some would act like the best thing that ever happened to them in life is getting a WEDDING RING and a man. I know say e dey shack for head..but my dear easy jare!. A frustrated single sister somewhere may have no choice than to settle for anything to say she’s got a “boo” or a “husband” as well, because of your unnecessary ‘shakara‘ and ‘busybody‘.


My candid advice is, Stop pressuring people to get married. It pays to mind your business. Stop acting high and mighty because a man claimed you.

Marriage is not a competition.


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