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The Technical Virgin


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Hey folks, I know this topic is quite controversial so you can take everything I’ll say with a pinch of salt.
A friend of mine asked if a girl can still be called a virgin if she’s had every kind of sex apart from vagina penetration. Your opinion is welcome, but this is what I have to say.



While some females abstain from sex and save themselves for religious reasons, some also who are in relationships would engage in every sexual activity, except sexual intercourse because they believe their hymen is strictly reserved for their husbands. These ones still believe they’re virgins. Females like this who wouldn’t want to go too far can be described as “technical virgins“.
What is too far? Penis-in-vagina intercourse!
The technical virgin feels it’s safe to kiss, perform oral sex, fondle, or engage in “harmless exploration.”

Hmm…Well, Why a female who does the aforementioned still thinks she’s a virgin as long as she’s not had intercourse, beats me! It beats me!  So other sexual activities don’t count against your virginity?, only sexual intercourse is the most sacred? Really?

If you decide to keep your hymen intact and unbroken on religious grounds, don’t you think you’re not keeping yourself sexually pure by engaging in other forms of sex?
If a technical virgin would give her man everything including oral sex, I don’t think it’s appropriate for her to still believe she’s being conservative for not allowing penetrative sex.


Your Virgin Power isn’t just about your kept vagina! I believe that a virgin is one who’s never had anything sexual with a man.

Most females who claim to be technical virgins are only lying to themselves. Cos technically, they’re no virgins.


5 thoughts on “The Technical Virgin

  1. Gbam!!! There is no such thing as a technical virgin jor…a girl who gives her man BJ while her hymen is very much intact is no virgin if you ask me…i know a girl who takes it from behind while her vagina and hymen is still very much intact…and tomorrow such girl might succeed in deceiving whoever is destined to marry her that she’s been a pure and clean virgin all these years…na Satan go catch am when her ny*sh go begin leak sha..

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  2. Lol.. No such thing as being a virgin technically… it really baffles me when all this lesbians also call themselves virgins too… once a girl has been touched in all the sexually stimulating places such as her breast and her privates she’s no longer a virgin even to the least kisses she may have had with a guy or two. It doesn’t Matter if she has been penetrated or not.. its just like tasting part of a meal and then u rearranged it so it seems it hasn’t been touched.. Ladies should stop calling themselves technical virgins if u no be virgin then u r not. there’s nothing technical about it joor.*mtcheeeew*


  3. Hmmmm? I would think oral sex is the most personal sex there is. So I don’t see anything virgin if you do that. You are wrong to creat lust and do just enough to satisfy the flesh. That’s why you save yourself for the one you love. For a kiss maybe am wrong but if it’s on the face it’s ok. But for breast hands and lips need to stay off them.


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