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As soon as this gory pictures hit the internet, it garnered different reactions. It got me wondering why a man would conspire with his brothers to hack his wife to death with a cutlass? The woman he once loved and cherished with all his heart. Not even stopping to think for a second about the fact that she’s someone’s daughter, sister and friend? There’s no level of offence or provocation to justify this act.

In the news the other day, a man yanked off his wife’s ear with a plier! Oouch! Not forgetting Dr Hestiana Thomas, the LUTH consultant who has been sent to her early grave in a case of domestic violence.

                                                                                     Via lindaikejiblog

Personally, I see no reason why a woman should remain with a man who poses potential danger to her life. I’m talking about a quick tempered, wife-beating excuse for a man. Some women will insist on remaining in same home with a beast on religious grounds or because the society frowns at divorce. That’s like willingly choosing to be in bondage!

The African woman believes in standing for her marriage and not jump on the bandwagon of moving from man to man or go back to her parents house, when trouble is brewing in her marital home. Reasons could be, the shame and gossip that would follow after.


So even if oga turns her to a punching bag, she’s ready to take him back 20 times. If you ask me, that’s an archaic mentality. You don’t remain the faithful, dutiful, long suffering virtuous wife in the face of domestic violence! Some women who remained with such men didn’t live to tell the story. Be liberated!

I respect anybody who’s willing to fight for their marriage in spite of the problems they encounter. After all, you told the lord you would!!! Yet I’m sure you didn’t promise Jesus that you’ll be a martyr. I’m tired of hearing sad stories about women being manhandled by their husbands and murdered in a gruesome manner.


A man who lays hands on his wife DOESN’T love her, and when there’s no love in a marriage it shouldn’t continue…to avoid stories that touches the heart.


5 thoughts on “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A Reason To Move Out.

  1. Though I don’t welcome divorce option unless in some totally messed up marriages…a man beating up his wife every now and then is unacceptable…but some girls are as dumb and stubborn as a goat..dem no dey hear word at all… but if you catch her in bed cheating with another man one or two hot dirty slaps won’t be bad because she’s a total disgrace to marriage and not worthy to be respected and treated like a lady…but apart from that then a man shouldn’t lay hands on his wife or girlfriend…


  2. Hmm, Bro that’s not a good advice…u never can tell what the ‘dirty slap’ may lead to…Either death, loss of an eye or deafness..Especially when it’s done out of provocation. Abeg, when a woman starts behaving like one ‘local winsh’..biko, just give am small space oh. No touch am oh! Our body and dia own no be the same.


  3. You right bro…but a good number of girls are very stupid and annoying…before I would fight any guy I see beating or manhandling any girl on the street…but a couple of girls have really shown me how annoying girls can be…they just don’t know when to stop…they will push a good,loving and responsible guy to the extreme edge until he loses his mind and unleash that beast…i know it doesn’t make sense beating a girl…i’ve never done that before in my life and I won’t support any guy who does that but a nigga needs the spirit of God in order to be able to endure the crazy provocations coming from these girls sometimes…even true love is not enough to overcome their provocations,infact when they know you love them so much na then their f*ck up dey multiply.

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