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CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! Are your Christmas clothes ready?


When I reminisce about the good old days, I feel like becoming a kid again.
By this time many years back, our festive season clothes and under wears would’ve been sorted out and folded neatly in a box, to be worn particularly on Christmas day. Mum just knows what to do with us to make us look great on the 25th of December! Even till date, she’s got eyes for quality clothes than I could ever have.


Let’s just say i’m still a mess when it comes to bargaining and picking out good clothes in the market. I tend to fall for the sympathetic stories and tricks traders pull on naïve buyers…but my mum! Ha! No way! She always holds her own in the market. She already has her own price in her head and most times, she ends up pricing goods to the least Naira value, at the end of the day she walks away victoriously with bags full of items. That’s a natural skill my mum possesses!


So back to my childhood story…
As Christmas day approaches, mum would plan a shopping trip for everyone, usually at Balogun market. For christmas, the boys in the house (my brother and I) usually get clothes with similar designs and pattern. I remember those pair of lascoste shirts and rugged denim trousers i owned back in 1997 or thereabout. It was the best wear I ever had for Christmas!
Mum preferred my brother and I wore identical outfits, even though we weren’t twins. Probably for us to develop the brotherly bond, but it was cool anyway.
She also did the same with my two sisters. The same Christmas hair style, same shoe, same cloth, same everything!


I still remember those Christmas canvas shoes with flashing red lights (electric shoes). Those shoes you walk in and while you’re stepping on them, you feel like a real nigga…you feel on top of the world because the shoes have a way of announcing your presence. I miss them shoes!


For Christmas, my two sisters would get those flowery ready-made chiffon Cinderella gown with matching hat and sling purse, to go with a pair of computer socks and duchess shoes.
They end up looking like ‘Queen Eliza’ in London.Back then we couldn’t wait to put on our Christmas clothes, cos it was our moment to showcase to friends what dad and mum bought for us!


Too bad we’re all grown now…No one really cares about what we’ve got to wear for Christmas. It sucks to be an adult! *sad face*


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