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LIFE PARTNER: Beauty or Brains?

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From a male perspective.
Gone are the days when a woman’s beauty was a major criterion in marriage. Far back in the eastern region, women had to undergo the fattening room/beautification process to look desirable and attractive to suitors because men were ONLY interested in a woman’s superficial features. She could be dim-witted, but as long as she’s got curvy legs, long hair and pointed nose…she’s a wife material!
A woman’s intelligence and reasoning power didn’t matter so much to men of old, after all she’s just a woman! His property! An ornament (or so they thought). All a woman had to do was bear kids and raise them, farm and cook. She wasn’t needed in any decision-making or any discussion that involves thought process.
Times have changed. In this present day, Should a woman’s beauty still be a man’s focus and reference point when picking a life partner? …Yes! Should it be the only reason why he’d desire to wife her?…hmm..No! No! No! It’s brains over beauty for me anyway.
Beauty without brains for wives worked backed then when women were regarded as properties acquired by men. Presently, I believe marriage flows and works out well when the woman’s intelligence matches the man’s own, since each person contributes towards shared future goals. When the woman is smart, a great thinker and a go-getter, Damn!!!..she keeps her man on his toes.
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Real men know the value of ladies with substance, regardless of their looks. They’re treasures! They bring out the best in a man. Not when a man is talking about the next big move to make in business or discussing the way forward in life, the wife who’s a ‘bimbo’ has nothing reasonable to bring to the table! Rather, her mind is preoccupied with the latest weaves, makeup and handbags in stores.
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I’m not saying beauty, good shape, hot legs doesn’t count when picking a life partner, but beauty with substance is a PLUS!

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