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How Do We Treat Kids With Special Needs?


Everybody desires a newborn healthy, chubby baby with perfect developmental milestones. No one prays and wishes to bring into the world a child who’ll present challenges and difficulties to the parents.


Naturally, there’s this fear many of us keep so deep, the fear of having kids with special needs. I definitely wouldn’t want a child with special needs. Hmm…What will people say? How will his future look like? How will he be managed from childhood to adulthood?
But we need to ask ourselves, what if such child is inevitably born into the family, How will you handle it? Yes you’ll be upset and shocked at first, maybe break down at some point. Will you treat him like other kids?


I see parents of such kids, I understand their pain. It’s never easy to manage kids with special needs cos it requires a lot of patience and tolerance.
Kids with special needs are not weird or odd. Whichever behavior or pattern they exhibit, they don’t do it on purpose. They didn’t ask to be born that way. It’s alarmingly common to see people mock kids who exhibit unnatural behaviors
Bear in mind, these kids are normal beings who want what every one else wants. To be accepted!!!

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They deserve discipline, guidance and correction, yet they SHOULD be given equal tasks like every other person. Stop with the excessive show of sympathy and pity towards them because it will make their life harder!
You don’t need to point out their limitations, due to fear that what you’d like them to do is impossible for them to achieve.


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