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While most guys still find it difficult to walk up to a girl and chat up, Some guys have perfectly mastered the art of wooing ladies or will I say they know the tricks down to their finger tips. They can start up a conversation with a random lady anywhere, at the end of the day, they’ll end up getting her phone number, house address and if lucky, schedule next meet up. All within 25 minutes or less… At an ATM stand or a keke ride or a sharwama spot. Genius move right?
I wouldn’t say the aforementioned category of guys ain’t got the balls or nerves to woo ladies…Most of them are man enough and quite handsome. Some do know what they want. Yet they still find themselves fidgeting and stuttering while speaking to ladies they find attractive.
So what’s really the problem? I’m not a psychologist, but I’ve traced the problem down to the root of it, which is “fear of rejection.”


Truth is, ladies do enjoy the chase, come on! They love being admired by guys on the road. Toasting dey shack dem, forget as dem dey form for Africa! Do you know how much work they put in to look good for guys? Do you know how many hours they stand in front of the mirror trying to get their makeup right? And my brother, you walk up to her to say how you feel about her…gawd! Do you realize you just made her day?


That’s a good start. The rest lies on how you package yourself.
I’ll have to admit, that initial bluff, snob, false stare of disgust ladies give guys at that point can send some faint hearted guys crawling back to their holes.
When it happens, bear in mind that she’s only testing your resistance or she’s simply not interested! You can’t tell anyway. This is where some guys usually pass or fail. While Mr Emotional will get timid and suddenly develop shaky legs or suddenly start stammering in front of her because he’s afraid of being humiliated for expressing his feelings, Mr confident will shrug off her initial ‘shakara


He’ll try not to lose composure. He will push further by proceeding to engage her in a conversation and make sure to throw in few laughs in between to help her loosen up. Way to go guys!!!

His swagger, expression and confidence does the job NOT memorized romantic pick up lines.
Before you know it, BAM!!! ‘ACCESS DENIED’ changes to ‘ACCESS APPROVED!’


Do it

Thank me later!


3 thoughts on “HOW TO GET A GIRL.

  1. Bis baba you sound like MR IMSU during your days in school,you go sabi lamba those IMSU pretty girls wella I sure for that one…Bis the bahd guy!!…Lol


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