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Who says there can’t be intimacy without sex?


Quote of the day “Anybody who can’t wait isn’t ready for anything real.”
I always tell folks, when you get into relationships WAIT don’t rush into sex, not just for religious reasons…that way you see the person’s real intentions towards you and have better time to get to know each other.
It seems unrealistic and practically impossible, after all how does one establish and build intimacy when sex is all we know?
Well, it can only be achieved through self control or discipline and seeking out other ways to be intimate, this I’ll share.

                                                                                           “Yemi Blaq Lookalike”

Taking clothes off has never been the only way to prove love and commitment to a relationship! Yea, each time you both engage in a sex romp, you feel like you can’t get enough of it.
You know what? After the novelty of the physical act wears off, there may be nothing else left to imagine or keep you interested anymore! Why? You’ve not established the real connection. It’s been sex all the way.
In most cases, sex has been the reason why the relationship ended before it even started. You hear most ladies complain “He stopped calling after we did it…maybe he’s got what he wanted” Yes he has!
I’ve heard people say, “what’s the essence of a relationship if there’s no sex?”
Goes to show how we place value on those things that should not carry such a heavy weight. If sex works for you fine.  Even though I think for a special person, we should be more than happy to value sharing dreams, aspirations, intellect, mind, TIME etc with that special one, because at the end of the day, we just want to be with them…


I’ll share other ways we can build intimacy in relationship without sex.
Sometimes holding hands with your partner, doing things together like cooking in turns, sharing hobbies, taking trips together, going on outings in each other’s company, can be other ways to build and reinforce intimacy in a relationship.
What do you think? Let’s know in the cave’s comment box.


One thought on “Who says there can’t be intimacy without sex?

  1. Yes Sometimes abstaining from sex in a relationship with that special someone is cool…hanging out together,going places,seeing movies and going out for lunch once in a while gives an awesome touch and feel to a relationship…SEX dey sweet sha but sometimes we gas abstain.


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