I guess we remember this scene in the movie “Empire” where young ‘Jamal’ was thrown in the trash can by his embarrassed dad, for attempting to walk in heels.


That brings me to today’s discussion.
We’ve all seen folks who grew up developing mannerisms typical of the opposite sex. For example the guy who flings one hand when he speaks, while the other hand is firmly placed on his waist, then he rolls his eyes like a catty female.
Or the girl who steps and bounces like a ‘nigga’…She’s never interested in girlish stuff like dresses or make up but she’ll kill for a pair of Nike kicks, T-shirt and baggy shorts.
Now you get my drift right?


Ok, back to the aforementioned folks. Most of them have had to endure the name calling all their lives. Names like; tomboy, sissy, man-woman, asa nwoke, etc.
They’ve been disciplined and corrected by everyone in their circle, all to no avail.


I know a grown up man who takes on the appearance of a woman in every form, he even speaks like a girl approaching puberty. Wetin dem neva do am? Yet he can’t help acting differently. During his childhood days, his dad forced him to perform manly tasks that required strength, in a bid to correct his feminine behavior. It yielded no result! He just can’t help being himself.


Some males are in touch with their feminine side and I don’t think it makes him less of a man. I think people should be left to be themselves, no matter how crazy they act or how odd they seem to be. Nobody can change how you’re wired, no one can ‘always’ be conscious of the way they are or act.
Denrele, no matter how womanly or ‘sissified’ he is has somehow carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry for being himself!
Parents should stop seeking ways to forcefully make naturally different kids behave like others, when the way he/she is, is the only way they know how to be.


Just in case you know ways to correct folks with behaviors typical of the opposite sex, please share it with us in the comment box.



  1. Bis baba…honestly for me that shit sucks….it disgust me to bits bro…being a gay and having a thing for same sex irritates me naturally so seeing or having a person who has such demon come near me I find it hard to accept or overlook…yes o it’s their life and it’s almost legal everywhere,fine!!…but you dare not come near me with that demon…I sure will cause you pain…even in the next 1000 years to come I can’t imagine myself being cool with it…sorry not sorry.


  2. Alright…went through the article again i just realised i misunderstood the message…and you’re right bro when it comes to homosexuality I sure hate it…I no fit pretend for that matter..


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