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Freaky friday

So many freaks, creeps, jerks out there. We come across them on a daily basis.
Like, what do we call a person who’s at the opposite end of the road, staring at you as if they want to kill you?
Not just a glance or quick look, a direct stare. The one wey we dey call “moping” abi “sizing up”…E go be like say the person eye carry fire dey follow uWizkid-stares-at-woman-Nyash-at-Bet-Award 
It happened to me few days back while I was heading home from work. Make I nack una gist.

At a point i felt uncomfortable as this freak was looking at me directly in the face.
“Why’s this idiot’s eyes all over me? A man for that matter!”
I glanced around as if I was distracted by something else and eventually my eyes still met the same man staring at me from across the road.
Ok, My trouser flyer is zipped, my boxers isn’t showing cos I don’t sag, I no too fine, I no too worwor, I’m dressed like the average person, so why stare directly at me as if he thinks I’m a strange creature that fell from Jupiter? Abi I shit for body? Had to check my bum-bum o…no shit stain.
Does this person know me from somewhere? What does he want?
I gave him a friendly smile, he didn’t even smile back.
I have no idea what could drive someone to look at a complete stranger with that kind of evil expression.
You know what freaked me out? I’ll tell you. When he finally walked passed me, he actually turned his head to continue staring at me.
Nna eh, that kind of thing isn’t normal, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus oo…na so I begin waka fast with my two legs…I begin bind, rebuke, cast monitoring spirits! Tufiakwa gi!


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