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Before you start reading this article written by the ever controversial Sylvanus Omoniyi, bear in mind that the writer is a crazy fellow. Really crazy in a good way! I personally admire his boldness in confronting and tackling the issues in today’s society with a straightforward approach. Here’s what he has to say about our religious leaders;

I want to say something. It is important. But before then, I want to thank all my enemies all over the world who have been supporting me. May God support you with evil things. Also, I want to appreciate all the witches and wizards in the world who dearly love me. Thank you very much. If witches and wizards could like me, who are you not to like me? I have given up on humanity because everyone is stupid. I have decided to be true to my heart because people are not reasonable again, especially in Nigeria. I am yet to find a single reasonable being in Africa. Everyone in Africa is an asshole. We are dumb asses. See, it is not that I derive any pleasure from insulting people. Not at all. The only thing is that I get pissed off when people are being unreasonable.
I have been performing a lot of experiments. On social media. And in reality. You cannot even understand the way I think. Everyday, I strive to be less afraid and to have more freedom. I try to look at things and people and understand the way they think and act and relate with others. If possible, I want to travel to hell just for one week, to see how they do things there, then come back to earth to tell you how life is in hell.



This is what I want to say: whenever I come on facebook and post ”The Lord is good” or ”Jesus is the Way”, or any religious writing, I will get about ten likes and three comments from religious people, both Christians and Muslims. The rest of them will see my post and will not even like or comment. I thought they love their Lord. If truly these stupid people love Jesus, why didn’t they like His post? Why didn’t they comment on His name? Why didn’t they even share it? Can you see that they don’t know what they are doing? People profess to love God, but their actions speak the opposite. Nobody can even threaten me again.



Then, on the other hand, when I come on facebook and post ”God does not exist” or ”Jesus Christ is a thief” or ”Religion is bullshit”, all of them will descend upon me and start beating me mercilessly on social media. They would rain abuses and curses on me, so that everyone will think they truly love God. They would call on God to come down and kill me. To be sincere, I am not the one that God should kill, they are the ones, because they deny their God. Those ignorant people who do not even know who they are worshiping.



When I write anything that contradicts their thinking, you will see two hundred likes and a hundred comments on the post. The comments are mostly from these insane religious people. They will never honor the name of their God when you praise Him. But they will always come to fight you when you despise Him. Can you see how people think? This is why I said you can never find any sensible religious person in Africa. You can’t.



People threaten me everyday. On facebook. On phone. In real life. I look at them and pity their ignorance. I cannot even be threatened. I am not someone you can threaten. Never. If you meet me on the way and attack me, I will kill you and even tell the government that I am responsible for your death. I don’t attack anyone. If you attack me, you will see pepper. I have never forced anyone to do anything or
believe anything. I will never. Everyone is free to do whatever they like. We will all stand before God to give account of everything we do.



I want you all to understand that not everyone who claims to love God truly love Him. Not everyone who calls on the Lord is godly. People can pretend well. They pretend in everything. They make you believe that they know God, but they are miles apart from Him. I will always do everything that my heart tells me. When I die, I will have no regrets. You can keep living your fake lives. You believe in letters, but I believe in actions. When Jesus said ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’, he was talking about practical, not theory.



Meanwhile, I don’t think Enoch Adeboye and David Oyedepo are as powerful as they make Nigerians believe. Not even Chris Oyakhilome. I don’t think they are helping Nigerians at all. These people that Nigerians call men of God are only working for their own pockets. Maybe Nigerians should change their thinking. We have uncountable churches in Africa but Africans are still suffering. People are dying of starvation and malnutrition everyday.


                                                                                                     Sylvanus Omoniyi

If Adeboye and Oyedepo and Chris are as powerful as they claim, they should pray for poverty and diseases to end in Africa and in Nigeria, especially. Nigerians should stop worshiping religious leaders.
If the respect you accord your religious leaders is greater than the one you accord your parents, you are already a candidate of hell. They will not tell you this but I will tell you. A ngba oromadiye lowo iku, oni won o j’ohun d’atitan jehun. I’m trying everyday to save some of you from hell, but you don’t know. But to be sincere, are Adeboye, Oyedepo and Chris men of God or Men of Gob?


8 thoughts on “ADEBOYE AND OYEDEPO: MEN OF GOD OR MEN OF GOB?: Written By Sylvanus Omoniyi

  1. Quite a funny man and bold too…but there’s a good level of sense in what he said..some of us parading ourselves as lovers of christ does not love God as much as we claim we do…I have a lot of such brethens around me.

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  2. My dear Sylvanus Omoniyi, at the beginning of this article, I deem it fit to say you were actually making a whole lot of sense – you stated the obvious, you raised strong points and I saw the truths in them. However, I keep asking myself this disturbing question ‘Whatever happened at the end?????’. Trust me, the whole Oyedepo-Adeboye thingy sounded like an issue a 5year old would raise. Nawa oh. You made a point, but I/we expected more, not some kinda childish rant at the end. I respect your boldness shaa. Well done.

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  3. To me you made wonderful points but at the same time you can stil make those words flow without insulting anyone. it’s not a matter of boldness or far above threats now, but about maturity, packaging and respect. you have no right whatsoever to judge remember that.
    Keep it up with your boldness dough. it’s really encouraging.
    more grace!

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  4. nice write up dear …
    but what i guess should be the question is>>>why didn’t Jesus stop all the suffering while he was on earth….?????
    like I once heard, a mother with two breast can’t breast feed three kids all at same time… regards to this, you can’t help everybody***they have done there best I guess ( Adeboye,
    Oyedepo and Chris)


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