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Ladies, why settle for less?

When it comes to relationships These words may sound cliché, but they are words to live by. It’s not about money or looks or how good he is in bed.
These attributes are good but I believe you’ve had all your teen years to lust after fine boys with swag who dress in designer clothes. Well, clothes and good looks don’t make a man!

When you’re getting into a serious relationship with marriage in view, those things should be inconsequential. It’s about being with a man who’s calm, mature and appreciates you. Find a man with a generous spirit, who’s secure and truthful, and who understands your worth.
You should never aim low. After you’ve attained a certain level in life through hard work and education, you should be broad-based and your circle should change.
No more ‘chewing-gum’ boys or ‘sagging-pant-brothers-association’ in your life.

There are good men out there!
Go to events, seminars, academic forums, conferences, to find well-rounded men. The right men are in the right circles and leave the so-called street boys, club guys, 2go boys, touts and hustlers.
If you have a sense of maturity, bad boy behaviour should be a turn off not something that should attract you to a guy.
Ladies, you’re worth it.

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SPORTS UPDATE (Taking You Through The World Of Sports) by Michael Onyegide







Liverpool Ladies have “reluctantly accepted” a transfer bid for striker Asisat Oshoala from fellow Women’s Super League side Arsenal Ladies.
The Gunners have activated a release clause in the Nigeria international’s contract with the Reds.
Oshoala will now hold talks with Pedro Martinez Losa’s side but the move is subject to the 21-year-old receiving a work permit for the 2016 campaign.


Joe Allen was all smiles with his Liverpool team-mates after the midfielder scored the winning penalty to beat Stoke City and seal their place in the League Cup final.
In-form Stoke midfielder Marko Arnautovic broke the deadlock on the stroke of half-time with a close-range finish to silence Anfield.

Germany international Emre Can looked to test Stoke goalkeeper Jack Butland with a couple of long-range attempts but Liverpool failed to register a shot on target in 90 minutes. After neither side scored a winner in extra-time, Joe Allen stepped up to convert the winning spot-kick in the penalty shootout to secure a 6-5 win.
And Allen joined his fellow penalty heroes Roberto Firmino, Christian Benteke and Emre Can plus defender Mamadou Sakho for a selfie after their win.


Liverpool players celebrate after reaching Capital One Cup Final!


Mr. Michael Onyegideis an Internet savvy, sports writer who is very passionate about the game of football. He holds B.Eng from Imo state university and a Telemarketing Diploma from Texas.

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I found this lovely narrative and I had to share it here! But before that, I must say, getting good customer service in Nigeria is like looking for a needle in a hay sack! It’s comforting to read stories like this.
A Facebook user posted this article and I love it! I’m sure you’ll love it too.

In Mr Chris Ogunlowo’s words.
“This is Comfort. (Such a name for a repairer). She works with iStore Nigeria, the same place my damaged phone was bought.
After going through a few rounds of form-filling and questions, I was assigned to her. (I had miraculously found the receipt and was told it’s still under warranty!) I handed my dead phone to her and simply said, “It isn’t powering”. She launched a diagnostics. I witnessed my first phone caesarean session. She continued to tinker. I wanted to crack a joke about her “fingering skills” but I wasn’t sure she’d take it well. I just mellowed and kept watching.

I excused myself and returned after an hour. She asked me to log into my iCloud account. Then another joke welled up and I wasn’t going to let this pass. I said “Oh, careful there, I’ve got some porn videos in there!” She smiled and gave me a Jesus- bless-your-soul kind of look.
I excused myself again and returned after a few minutes. Comfort handed me a form to fill in and, lo, she unboxed a new iPhone and handed it to me. I threw a questioning gaze at her and her colleagues.
She warmly said, “Errm, yes, it’s a new one. We replaced it.”

I didn’t spend much time over thank-yous and pleasantries. I left before they change their minds. iStore Nigeria is Comforting.

If you ask me, Comfort is the real MVP! Kudos!

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Ankyloglossia (Tongue-tie) written by Dr. Ejike Udeze


Most of us have heard of the term tongue-tie. To most it’s stammering, or inability to speak due to over excitement. Ankyloglossia more commonly known as ‘Tongue-tie’ is the attachment of the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth thereby limiting the tongue’s mobility. Ankyloglossia (AG) is a condition present at birth in some children preventing them from crying out well, or sucking breast even. This breast-feeding difficulty can manifest as poor suckling by the infant(leading to poor weight gain), or nipple pains felt by the mother especially during breast-feeding.

If it is not removed on time it can adversely affect speech development (especially interfering with articulation), as well as the oral hygiene. There are also psycho social implications of AG if left untreated. Later in life there might arise problems with kissing, which can be rather embarrassing. Inability to lick one’s lips or lick ice-cream, play a musical wind instrument, etc can all be socially disconcerting for the older child and adult with tongue-tie.
download (1)

Degrees of Tongue-tie
There are different degrees of tongue-tie depending on how free the tongue is. The worst being complete fixation of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Treatment of AG can range from watchful observation, to surgical removal of the attachment. Speech therapy may also be indicated.
Hence the need for visiting your pediatrician/Doctor who decides the best line of action to take.


Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You can reach him on Facebook  by clicking here or with his name “Ejike Udeze.

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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)


The beginning of the week brings no greater joy than the opportunity to once again introduce you to this week’s Faces of the cave. Now these two simply define good looks and excellence. Yep! I told you so.

In confirmation of all I’ve said, Let’s meet Chika and Roy.

My name is Maduakor Chika Judith, i studied plant science and biotechnology at The University of Portharcourt. I am a medical sales representative in a pharmaceutical company. Firstly, i love God, honesty, hard work, humility, Intelligence and focus . I dislike pride, dishonesty, slothfulness.



Favorite quote:
Romans 9:16, “so then its not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth mercy.”
Yeah, you can reach me with 08028178406,


…… Now Lets Meet Roy …

I’m Efruwhe Efe Roy, a 27 year old native of Isoko south, Delta state. I graduated from University of Cardiff, Wales field and I specialized in health and safety. Currently with Oxford University hospital.
Well, I love to sit back, relax and enjoy a good movie at my spare time…It’s one of my top hobbies.

I like polite people, honesty and fashion oriented persons and I dislike a talkative…I mean ‘basket mouths‘, radio Congo, and gossips because they are susceptible to lying and back stabbing.
Favorite quote– “He that doesn’t say much does not run the risk of his tongue cut off.
Single and not searching*
Contact – +447552858587
You see, I wasn’t joking when I said they look great! Perfect blend of cuteness! Of course, you can only find such here and it’s a pleasure to have them on board.
Please show them some love in the comment box.
To qualify for the next Face of the cave series,
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
* Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin-2898fd68or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!

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Hi people! I want to share this with you and I hope it makes much sense.
Some of us see love as a feeling that just happens or an emotion that takes you unaware and instantly controls your system.
No way! Love emanates from somewhere. There must be a reason for loving who you LOVE. Could be their character, beauty, career, cooking skill, fame, leadership quality, resourcefulness, wealth or even
the way they speak?
There must be something about them that you’re drawn to and that’s perfectly okay! We all admire good attributes in people, we admire the stuff people are made of. So it’s never wrong to admit that you got attracted to him because he’s a Banker or a Pastor or because he’s
The biggest aspect of love lies on the physical attraction. That is, what you see and what you stand to gain from the other person. That’s the truth.

I want to make it clear to you, Nobody just loves like that! Even religious folks who say they needed confirmations through prayers before deciding on whom to marry, I tell you they already found what they wanted before prayers…So they’re not exempted.
When some religious couples narrate their love story, They’ll say; “We prayed about it” Haha! They won’t say the real deal. Oga, it wasn’t prayer that led you to her…You first saw that sister cat-walking and admired her curvy banana legs and big physical assets. That’s what attracted you to her first. You wanted to have those endowments all to yourself and all that she possessed reinforced your love for her.
That was the basis of the emotion you call love. No need
being in denial.

“I love you just like dat”. That kain talk na big lie!
There’s nothing like selfless, unconditional love. Love is conditional.
When you love a person, you feel that way because there’s something you stand to benefit from them or they measure up to your standard.
That’s why sometimes we desire a person at a certain level or position in life that compliments us.

Only Jesus loves unconditionally. Human love has it’s terms, conditions and benefits.


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Let’s Join Hands To Fight Lassa Fever: Written by Dr. Ejike Udeze

Lassa fever, a disease that has it’s name from Nigeria, let’s kick it out!

Lassa fever is a bleeding disease that is caused by a virus known as the Lassa virus. The first incidence of this disease was recorded in a Nigerian town of Lassa, Borno state hence it’s name. It is hence not an imported disease like Ebola. But like Ebola it is a highly deadly disease, in Nigeria alone it has killed more than fifty people of the hundred or so infected patients since the current outbreak.

It is spread by rodents, by a particular specie of rat. Probably when these rats go feeding on edibles, they drop their infectious faeces, urine, and other bodily fluids on foods humans eat. The call then is for everyone to embark on environmental sanitation. Keep our surroundings clean.
Quoting the Operation Manager, ASWAMA, Awka, ‘make the environment uncomfortable for rats’. Clean the gutters around you, clear them of all refuses. Exclude contacts with any form of rats, stop them from getting to your stored foods, your stores, houses, everywhere. Operation #kill-all- the-rats-before-they-kill-us should be implemented.

Lassa can also be gotten from contacts with infected humans. Hence it is paramount to spread the word of utmost personal hygiene. Topmost of which is hand washing. Washing of hands before eating, after coming back home everyday, and intermittent use of hand sanitizers could be lifesaving. Note Lassa must not show for face, it is not everyone that is infected that falls sick and starts showing symptoms. So one can never be too careful. After touching people body, shaking hands, hugging and everything, when you come back simply take a bath or at least wash your hands first thing.

Lassa virus causes what is known as a viral hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms might include fever, joint and muscle pain, bleeding from any body orifice. Nausea and vomiting, runny stomach especially bloody diarrhea. Lassa can affect most major organs of the body. Cough, coughing of blood, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, seizures, etc could all arise from Lassa fever.

Preventing the infection by the Lassa virus is the best form of treatment of this disease. Currently the Nigerian government at the three tiers is taking preemptive actions aimed at limiting the spread of the virus. Various state governments likewise are doing the same especially in areas of environmental sanitation and public sensitization.

Lassa fever can be treated with more than 50% recovery rate. Quarantine and hospitalization will be the first steps in treatment of suspected cases of Lassa. Patients showing symptoms and signs suggestive of Lassa are isolated and barrier-nursed. Contact tracing is carried out. Here recent contacts of the diagnosed patient with Lassa are called in and closely monitored till after the incubation period has elapsed.

Let’s prevent the further spread of this disease which has currently been diagnosed in 17 states nationwide. Let’s say no to Lassa, keep yourself and your environment clean, keep yourself safe.

Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You can reach him on Facebook with his name “ Ejike Udeze. “

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SPORTS UPDATE (Taking You Through The World Of Sports) by Michael Onyegide



Welcome to the first edition of football weekend round up in which yours sincerely will take you round the major happenings of football over the weekend.
First up is the 4 – 1 victory of Spurs over Sunderland- what impact will this have over spurs top 4 ambition and Sunderland’s relegation troubles, especially with a win for their local rivals Newcastle against in form Westham?


There were wins for Bournemouth, Man City, Southampton and Newcastle. It was a pulsating encounter at the bridge: a six-goal thriller, all coming in the second half. The blues were fortunate to get a point from that encounter after John Terry back-heeled a somewhat controversial goal to get a point. Arsenal and Stoke couldn’t register a goal and the big one at Anfield was settled by Wazza himself.
Next we catch up very briefly with La Liga where Zidane won his second game for Madrid. Simeone’s men remain top after an impressive away win at Las Palmas and there was a six nil thumping by Barcelona over Bilbao at the Camp Nou.


Finally, we look forward to the weekend games where Norwich take on Liverpool, Man Utd play host to Ronald Koeman’s Southampton, Barca travel to Malaga and the big one itself Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates on Sunday.
Australian Open 2016 preview: Can Azarenka reclaim title from Serena Williams?
Serena Williams: one of the greatest women ever to play tennis, one of the finest female athletes in any sport, the defending and six-time Australian champion, a record-breaker many times over, and now targeting the ultimate record, the most Grand Slam singles titles… erhm!! I love Serena.


She has been the dominant player of the last four years, and remains, at the age of 34, at the top of the rankings with a clear margin after almost three straight years at No1. During that time, she has added eight Grand Slams to reach 21, claiming three of them during 2015—holding all four at the same time with the 2014 US Open title—and she ended her season with a remarkable 53-3. I mean ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE.
Well, Serena is in Australia nursing a bit of a niggling injury. I watched few clips of her training and somehow all doesn’t seem well with the queen of tennis, she looks a bit jaded. After her training session she had this to say:
“I’m a little tired today. I’ve been working so hard… I’ve had really good preparation—I don’t have the match-play that I’ve wanted but after playing for so many years, I should be able to focus.
“[My knee] is actually really fine…. Honestly, I don’t have anything to prove. I have nothing to lose. I can only gain.”


Even assuming Williams is 100 percent, there remain big hurdles for the champion in the shape of a tough draw, a resurgence by one of her closest rivals, Victoria Azarenka, a very ambitious, fast-improving younger star keen to make her mark on this year’s GrandSlam. Is Victoria her biggest threat?
Her record in Australia was further boosted by winning the Brisbane title last week, though she did not meet a top-10 player until Angelique Kerber in the final. That late boost to her ranking into the top 16 means she also avoids a higher ranked woman until at least the fourth round. So she is the book-makers second favourite with good reason.
And for my non tennis faithfuls, here is a brief one on the first slam event of the year culled from wiki.
.The 2016 Australian Open will be a tennis tournament that takes place at Melbourne Park between 18–31 January 2016. It will be the 104th edition of the Australian Open, and the first Grand Slam tournament of the year.
.Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams are the respective defending champions in the men’s and women’s singles.
.As in previous years, this year’s tournament’s title sponsor is Kia

And it’s a wrap. Until I come your way next time, stay cool people.


Mr. Michael Onyegide is an Internet savvy, sports writer who is very passionate about the game of football. He holds B.Eng from Imo state university and a Telemarketing Diploma frm Texas..

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IMPOTENCE OR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED): A Great Killer of Male Self Image and Esteem. Written by Dr. Ejike Udeze



Before we delve into this topic I’d like to make it clear that this is not intended to make anybody feel bad about themselves and as such the diagnosis of ED requires a visit to your doctor.
By definition ED is the regular or repeated inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection enough for sexual intercourse. It is not a one time event.

Who suffers from impotence?
Research has shown a great percentage(40%) of males have ED at one point in their lives or the other. Though anybody can be impotent it’s more with the aged, above 60 years of age. More with smokers as smoking tends to occlude the blood vessels in all parts of the body. ED has been noted more in people with some medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hernia of the groin region, conditions of the prostate, liver and kidney problems, heart and blood vessel problems.
Studies have also shown that exercise confers a protective influence against ED. Particularly aerobic exercises such as running, playing soccer, swimming, long distance walks. Hence it is always advisable to engage in these exercises especially in middle ages.


Surgeries and other treatment modalities for cancer of the prostate have been known to cause erectile dysfunction. Some drugs and herbal concoctions cause ED, likewise excessive bicycling.
ED can and do usually arise from psychological issues, stress, anxiety to perform or last long and over expectations. Incompatibility with your sexual partner can also cause ED.
Why visit your doctor first?
It can even be the first pointer to another more debilitating underlying medical condition. Hence if ever you or yours feel bothered by this it is always advisable to first see your doctor. The doctor can then look out for those other medical conditions. And this might be lifesaving as against patronizing chemists who can only give you drugs without knowing if there are other things worrying you.
Most importantly your doctor will be the one to make the diagnosis (it’s not all inabilities to get a hard-on qualifies as ED, there’s a time frame involved), find out the cause and then implement the appropriate treatment.


The treatment of impotence depends on the cause. If it’s psychologically-induced your doctor will know the line of action to toe. If he finds out any of those above mentioned conditions, he goes about first treating them.
He might advise complete abandonment of tobacco in all forms especially smoking. The treatment can simply be to place the patient on exercises. Commonly drugs are used in treating ED, but for want of adherence to medical professionalism none will be mentioned here. These are prescription drugs and must only be given you by your doctor.
There’s no shame in being impotent, visit your doctor today. It might only take surgical repair of that your hernia to bring one back to full action on the bed.
What to do as the female partner
Always support your husband or partner as he goes through this. It’s treatable, and only the woman’s succor might be all he needs to sustain his manhood abi manliness.



Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You can reach him on Facebook  by clicking here or with his name “Ejike Udeze.

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FACE OF THE CAVE FOR THE WEEK (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)


Hello people! I’ll begin the week by introducing you to these two lovely and fascinating folks who’ve earned the spot as Face of the Cave for the week.


I promise, they’re hot! They’re good looking! They’re sexy! Sue me if you see anything short of these descriptions. lol..okay, let’s meet them;


My name is Anna James and I hail from Benue State (Food Basket of the Nation). I’m 21 years old. I studied Accounting at Benue State Polytechnic and I’m hoping to further my studies in the same Accounting field.
I’m the present Miss Nigerian Air Force Base Makurdi #winks. I love singing, surfing the net, worshiping my creator. I also love being real and living my life based on the right principles.

Horror movies interests me a lot…
I dislike stupidity, lies, pride, too many to mention. In as much as I work with principles I am down to earth.
Favorite quote: ‘I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I’ve wasted with the wrong people
My number is 08115148114


Now Lets Meet Kuye….

Kuye Similoluwa a.k.a TMC. A 26 years old graduate of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State where he studied Animal science.
TMC likes folks with a good sense of humor, he also loves to associate with busy hands & mind, and he’s got a thing for ‘Weirdos’ He dislikes Pretense, Pride and Laziness.

He has a wide range of hobbies which include Balling (Club & Field), listening to music, travelling, meeting new people and making trouble! Haha!
Favourite quote: ‘Success and failure are what we make of them. It is how we react to them that matters.‘ – Napoleon.
Contact: 07053333356.
Tweet @ me: @kiss_tmc     IG: kiss_tmc
There you have it! If you love what you see you can say “hello” to them, it’s allowed.
To qualify for the next Face of the cave series,
*Have your profile be a clear face shot.
* Give a brief description of yourself and please make sure to include your likes, dislikes and hobbies
*Submit them to the chatterbox team within four days from now via bbm pin – 2898fd68 or inbox Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson on Facebook

Cheers to the new Face of the cave!
Our target is to satisfy our audience in all areas. In line with this, Bismark’s Cave has introduced a weekly segment for those who are interested in sports.
So, I’m seizing this opportunity to introduce you to Mr Michael Onyegide, our well rounded, experienced Sports Analyst.

He’ll anchor a Thursday series that covers all major global events in football, as well as essential happenings in the sports world generally. Hey guys! Something to look forward to every Thursday! Don’t miss it.
Happy Weekend
Until I come your way next time, have a lovely day