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TO TOAST NO BE BEANS: by Augustina Enechile Abraham


If a woman could pen this down, a beautiful lady at that, then maybe..just maybe there’s hope for men all over the globe. This is beyond good! This is the best thing I’ve read in a while…I hope ladies will learn a thing or two from Miss Augustina’s write up.

Dear ladies, the fact that a man walked up to you to woo you abi “toast you” does not mean you should insult or disrespect him.
Do you know how hard it is to summon that courage to approach you?
Guys will arrange their lines, walk up to you, release 1% and just one reply from you, they’ll forget the remaining 99% is it fair?
We too dey harsh some times, abeg make una dey try help their ministry small, e no easy haba!



If una think say e easy, try asking a guy you like so much out, that one you’ve been dying silently for, that one you’ve been crushing on & let him insult or shout at you for voicing out your feelings then you’ll understand its not easy.
Guys make una no mind ladies o… anyhow we do the shakara, the funny thing and good news be say, na una we go still end up with, lol
If you ask me to summarize our existence here on earth from a worldly point of view, i’ll say “IT’S ALL ABOUT MAN, WOMAN & MONEY”

Check it out now, all the struggles what is it for?
I’m sure you are smiling now… I won!
Abeg keep smiling, no be only you get problem everybody get wetin dey worry am but we shall overcome!
Augustina Enechile Abraham is a sociologist, model and inspirational writer.
“I’m an ambassador of hope”


3 thoughts on “TO TOAST NO BE BEANS: by Augustina Enechile Abraham

  1. I’m not decieve by my intuition and telepathic feeling, I know you have much more powerful, productive and positive impactive thoughts in the insight of you. God bless, strengthen and protect you from all evils in Jesus name. Amen!!!

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