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Beyond The Classroom And Certificates

This is a sequel to an earlier post on my Facebook page. If you missed it click here 
Keep in mind that you may be well read but if it doesn’t show through, you may be denied a lot of opportunities.
After school, You should begin to see yourself not just as a graduate of University of Ibadan or Covenant University, but a ‘brand’.
You should be uniquely identifiable, you must have something that demands attention to help distinguish you from the present day competition. I mean possessing extra skills and becoming business minded, business minded in sense of having an eye out on possible opportunities, having foresight, able to plan and most importantly, knowing that the labor market is saturated with millions of folks with certificates like you, not jumping into the bandwagon a little behind others.
Sadly, only few people have this on the back of their minds.
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In the first part of the write up, I mentioned how one may be versatile and highly qualified, yet end up falling by the wayside, while those who are not up to par make headways.
You see some folks with lesser certificates getting booked because everybody wants their services, it’s as though you the bigger person don’t exist whenever they show up. It’s not about them being lucky or favored.
Most times it has to do with Interpersonal relations. School won’t teach you this! Some people have the IT factor in them even if they ain’t got the needed qualifications for jobs, they’re irresistible no matter their flaws. The IT factor can be developed and groomed. It’s achievable and highly necessary!
What’s  the IT factor?
“An indescribable quality or something about a person that you cannot put your finger on, you just find them attractive and desirable”.
People with the X-factor or IT factor draw the attention (and desire) of people around them, seemingly without conscious effort.
You can study in the moon, have your degrees and other certificates, Good! But it’s not the end. Have you developed your personality?
Yes you are great, but nobody will x-ray your mind to see how great you are.
If you’re not engaging, interesting and fascinating, forget it.
You must know how to make contact!
You’re a brand, advertise yourself in the right places.
Make people believe in you and want to have you. These days people employ based on recommendation.You hear people say “That guy is just too good at what he does” When you’re that good, It’s impossible not to like you. When you make someone feel good, they in turn feel good enough to have you.
In conclusion, no matter how hard you’ve prayed about locating your destiny helper in 2016, Your destiny helper won’t locate you on the bed sleeping or idling away somewhere. Most times you have to wave your flag!

3 thoughts on “Beyond The Classroom And Certificates

  1. brother man!_ you’ve said it all..I think it about time when we should know that manner no longer fall from heaven..u can be a graduate and still go back to the farm,doesn’t reduce u to nothing!
    To you Bis..keep da flag flaying!!!


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