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FREAKY FRIDAY: The Deliverance Written by Precious Okoro

29th November, 1989. 11: 49pm.
It was a bible-clinging, scripture-quoting and holyghost-beckoning night at No 7 Onyeajunam street. A demon was about to be killed. A circle was made and the tenants sprinkled holy water, anointing oil and petrol on the creature in the centre, already battered and tied to an old and worn out wheelbarrow tyre.
Its body was poked for checks by someone and its eyes opened, like two 50watts bulbs in the dark. “*Obara Jesus! It’s still alive!”, screamed the leader of the compound prayer as she shook as though she was convulsive. Her name was Chimbiko, a staunch believer in Exodus 22:18… ‘Suffer not a witch to live’, as she’d always advice.
The ground at No 7 had witnessed more deaths than the place called ‘slaughter’ in Onitsha. Theirs was a demon-conscious compound led by the prayer samurai, Biko. Distant observers often thought it was
only snakes, cats and bats she lynched in Jesus name but were marvelled when she butchered a goat in March and strangled a canary in August.
Set it ablaze!“, she thundered. A match was then struck and the creature faintly mewed till it was consumed by the fire.
Biko broke into songs. “…Masham! Masham! Buusu dun fall for ground eeeh…Masham! Masham!…Ogboni power, powerless power…Jesus power, super power!…Onyenweanyi wusa anyi annointing…wusa!…”
The tenants sang along, danced and dispersed.
¤ ¤ ¤
(2months later)
Fear slowly took over what was left of Biko’s right senses. She felt like an actress in an endless horror movie. Everything seemed sinister; From the curtains that often flew in the breeze to the eye on her left that sometimes twitched. She thought, on one of those eye-twitching occasions that the demon had, perhaps, migrated there. But for the intervention of Yobaolisah, a concerned neighbour, she would have plucked the twitching eye.
Psycho? Yes, she was becoming one. Barking dogs gave her
the creeps and her heart skipped whenever *Mama Ejima pounded *ede, *akwu or *efuru… “My gosh! If you were given an *Awolowo for every time your heart skipped you’d probably be richer than Dangote.“, a friend of hers once teased.
Biko died of a heart attack later that year. Rumor had it she saw what she thought to be a congregation of dementors. But they were just moths gathering around the fluorescent.
*Obara Jesus       – Blood of Jesus.
*Mama Ejima     – Mother of twins.
*ede                       – cocoyam.
*akwu                   – palmnuts.
*efuru                    – a type of spice.
*Awolowo            – 100 Naira note.
                                                                            Author: Precious Okoro

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