I Can’t Do Without Sex!!!

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                               Via naijaparents.net

You’re ready for sex at any time and anywhere. You can’t stop thinking about sex.
Your sex organs keep reminding you. You feel constant sexual arousal and whenever you experience it, You try to have sex or do anything so that the urge will die down, sometimes you rely on compulsive masturbation almost 20 times a day.
You soil all your sheets in one day. Going two days without sex is like the end of your world.
Sounds abnormal right? It is!
In as much as our basic needs are food, shelter, clothing…and sex,
(Yea sex! It’s human basic need) Most folks find themselves getting aroused all the damn time through no desire of their own. When your sex organs get stimulated, it’s a good thing. It shows you’re healthy, but it could go awry.
My brother, Every time ‘konji’ go dey drag you like say you dey owe am money. Small thing wey u see, ya body go just catch fire, E no normal o.

                                    Via news24.com.ng

You find that your constant desire for sex is getting in the way of your daily life. It could occur anywhere, even in public places like, in the middle of the road, ATM queue, even in the church.
You always feel engorged with a throbbing sensation in your genitals through no stimulation, the feeling is so intense that you’re unable to ignore them.  Most times when you’re alone, you’re preoccupied with sexual thoughts and may find yourself pleasuring yourself for a whole day.
The truth is, this condition is not normal. In Naija we call it ‘konji‘ but in developed countries they call it “Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder“. It’s a disorder as the name implies. By the way, Guys and ladies suffer this syndrome, so it’s not just a guy/penis thing.
Well, most naija guys would kill for a girl who experiences this disorder. I know some of my male friends who would, Cos such girls seem perfect!



  1. The writer seem to be referring to males alone. Are there females who are not in similar situation or are all the females sexually alright.


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