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Mr. Mfon Etim Okon: A true Nigerian who deserves National honours!

Hey everyone! Permit me to name this young man the “Man
of the year”

This inspiring story was narrated by an Abia State based business man:

It was another beautiful day for Mr Ekeledirichukwu Nwabuishi, a dealer in phones and mobile accessories. Things got sour when he realised his wallet containing vital personal effects was missing almost an hour after he arrived his office for the day’s business.
According to him, he realised it was missing at the point he wanted to top up his airtime. He was about going on air to make an announcement concerning it, not until a man called in to alert him of it’s recovery.

Mr Okon, the good samaritan is just a mere security guard with O’level qualification. Wow! Who would’ve expected that? I certainly wouldn’t.
Mr Okon traced the phone number from the owner’s business complimentary cards in the wallet. It was rigorous for him though, but being the good man that he is, he didn’t mind the stress of delivering the missing items.

In Mr Ekele’s words,
“Just this morning as I alighted from the car to step into the office, unknowingly to me, my heavy laden Wallet with all my vital personal effects including my Nigerian Identity cards fell off my shallow back pocket.
Hours later, one GOOD CITIZEN knocked on my office door and handed over to me the damn Wallet with all its contents intact. That’s after he’s put several phone calls across to me for direction and location.
While I struggled with words to show the light- skinned young man appreciation, I wondered what would’ve happened if it were to be the other type of Nigerians.

It’s so ‘simple’. . . .
They’ll pick it up, whisk away all the currency notes, call all potential contacts on Complimentary cards telling them how stranded their fathers are and not me, then proceed to the bank ATM machine to try some lucks and would be the first to queue up in Church for testimonies for a breakthrough and won’t still pay Tithe.
Mr. Mfon Etim Okon of the Trust Link Ventures, Umuahia, you’re a GOOD CITIZEN!”

Who says all Nigerians are crooks and corrupt? The world needs to hear positive stories like this to change the negative perception we’ve got on the outside world. Such a noble gesture deserves all special accolades reserved for deserving citizens of Nigeria.
A commendable act by this young man
Well done Mr Etim Okon!


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