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Hi people! I want to share this with you and I hope it makes much sense.
Some of us see love as a feeling that just happens or an emotion that takes you unaware and instantly controls your system.
No way! Love emanates from somewhere. There must be a reason for loving who you LOVE. Could be their character, beauty, career, cooking skill, fame, leadership quality, resourcefulness, wealth or even
the way they speak?
There must be something about them that you’re drawn to and that’s perfectly okay! We all admire good attributes in people, we admire the stuff people are made of. So it’s never wrong to admit that you got attracted to him because he’s a Banker or a Pastor or because he’s
The biggest aspect of love lies on the physical attraction. That is, what you see and what you stand to gain from the other person. That’s the truth.

I want to make it clear to you, Nobody just loves like that! Even religious folks who say they needed confirmations through prayers before deciding on whom to marry, I tell you they already found what they wanted before prayers…So they’re not exempted.
When some religious couples narrate their love story, They’ll say; “We prayed about it” Haha! They won’t say the real deal. Oga, it wasn’t prayer that led you to her…You first saw that sister cat-walking and admired her curvy banana legs and big physical assets. That’s what attracted you to her first. You wanted to have those endowments all to yourself and all that she possessed reinforced your love for her.
That was the basis of the emotion you call love. No need
being in denial.

“I love you just like dat”. That kain talk na big lie!
There’s nothing like selfless, unconditional love. Love is conditional.
When you love a person, you feel that way because there’s something you stand to benefit from them or they measure up to your standard.
That’s why sometimes we desire a person at a certain level or position in life that compliments us.

Only Jesus loves unconditionally. Human love has it’s terms, conditions and benefits.



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