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I found this lovely narrative and I had to share it here! But before that, I must say, getting good customer service in Nigeria is like looking for a needle in a hay sack! It’s comforting to read stories like this.
A Facebook user posted this article and I love it! I’m sure you’ll love it too.

In Mr Chris Ogunlowo’s words.
“This is Comfort. (Such a name for a repairer). She works with iStore Nigeria, the same place my damaged phone was bought.
After going through a few rounds of form-filling and questions, I was assigned to her. (I had miraculously found the receipt and was told it’s still under warranty!) I handed my dead phone to her and simply said, “It isn’t powering”. She launched a diagnostics. I witnessed my first phone caesarean session. She continued to tinker. I wanted to crack a joke about her “fingering skills” but I wasn’t sure she’d take it well. I just mellowed and kept watching.

I excused myself and returned after an hour. She asked me to log into my iCloud account. Then another joke welled up and I wasn’t going to let this pass. I said “Oh, careful there, I’ve got some porn videos in there!” She smiled and gave me a Jesus- bless-your-soul kind of look.
I excused myself again and returned after a few minutes. Comfort handed me a form to fill in and, lo, she unboxed a new iPhone and handed it to me. I threw a questioning gaze at her and her colleagues.
She warmly said, “Errm, yes, it’s a new one. We replaced it.”

I didn’t spend much time over thank-yous and pleasantries. I left before they change their minds. iStore Nigeria is Comforting.

If you ask me, Comfort is the real MVP! Kudos!

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