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Ladies, why settle for less?

When it comes to relationships These words may sound cliché, but they are words to live by. It’s not about money or looks or how good he is in bed.
These attributes are good but I believe you’ve had all your teen years to lust after fine boys with swag who dress in designer clothes. Well, clothes and good looks don’t make a man!

When you’re getting into a serious relationship with marriage in view, those things should be inconsequential. It’s about being with a man who’s calm, mature and appreciates you. Find a man with a generous spirit, who’s secure and truthful, and who understands your worth.
You should never aim low. After you’ve attained a certain level in life through hard work and education, you should be broad-based and your circle should change.
No more ‘chewing-gum’ boys or ‘sagging-pant-brothers-association’ in your life.

There are good men out there!
Go to events, seminars, academic forums, conferences, to find well-rounded men. The right men are in the right circles and leave the so-called street boys, club guys, 2go boys, touts and hustlers.
If you have a sense of maturity, bad boy behaviour should be a turn off not something that should attract you to a guy.
Ladies, you’re worth it.


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