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Dreams; The Interpretation Written by Dr. Ejike Udeze

Throughout literature, of old and till present day, dreams have always featured with varied religious and ethnographic interpretations. Humans have long been known to dream. We all know what dreams are, but yet different opinions exist as to what stuff dreams are made of.

Where do dreams come from? Why do animals dream? What is the essence and function of dreams? All these I’ve attempted not to answer here, but a quick glance at Sigmund Freud’s Dream Psychology and such works about dreams might do some justice to the above mentioned questions.
We’re here now mostly to review people’s interpretations about dreams, these having largely stemmed from sociocultural and religious beliefs, and the Times(epoch).

The European interpretations of dreams around the Dark and Middle Ages:
Succubus, Incubus
It was common belief among Europeans of the above era that dreams were from Above, that dreams came from the Supernatural. Hence explanations of dreams were either visitations by good spirits or attacks by demons of the night.

Contemporary African dream interpretations:
Many sub-Saharan Africans believe in dreams. This is where varied interpretations of dreams abound. This article the aim of which being not to deride these beliefs will only mention them briefly. The bulk of these beliefs centre around the supernatural, the spiritual, the possibility of one’s life enemies hunting them in their dreams. There are bad dreams and good ones. Dreams that say one will get rich or Remain poor and so many other such interpretations.

Widely accepted belief among contemporary scientists:
Dreams are figments of people’s imaginations during their waking times. Sigmund Freud through his Psychoanalysis of many patients came to the following interpretations thus: Dreams are largely affected by people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences during the day, the previous waking state. You are responsible for your dreams, as dreams arise from an individual’s own physical activity. Some dreams serve the purpose of wish fulfilment, either of conscious or unconscious wishes. Most dreams come in symbolic fashions yet with deeper meanings to these symbols.

Almost all humans dream every other night, most of these going un remembered. As such dreaming is a very intricate and yet intriguing aspect of human nature. It is high time people started accepting their dreams, or the apparent lack of it thereof, it is yours and nobody’s doing. Own up to your dreams, all interpretations are within and not without.

Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe
University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in
search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You
can reach him on Facebook by clicking here or with his
name “ Ejike Udeze. “


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