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Valentine’s day is on Sunday, Keep it holy

What are your plans for Val’s day?
You know, I checked my calendar and I saw that February 14th falls on a Sunday. You don’t want to know how I feel about it.
But thank God say na Sunday! All ye sharp guys and babes, una must go church by fire by force. Abi una no go go?

I bet all pastors nationwide are rejoicing. In their minds, it’s the Lord’s way of bringing straying folks to His presence. After all, What better way for church brethren to celebrate lover’s day if not in the church?
So I’m guessing a Valentine’s special sunday service is being packaged for all. Regardless of this, we know it’ll not be much fun.
Many young people/fun seekers would love to go to the beach, guys would love to pair up with chicks at social gatherings and do what lovers do…and it’s definitely not a church affair.

Trust naija pastors na, they will ruin that day for all fun seekers out there. For those of you who’ll go to church on February 14th, just know that If you’re planning to take your bae out that very day, a good part of the day will be spent in church!

Pastors will intentionally drag the service and make sure it extends till 3pm if possible. And the sermon for that day? Hoolala! I bet your pastor is already preparing a ‘hard’ Val’s day sermon at the moment. Specially written and crafted for young people of this generation. I’m sure his preaching will centre on fornication, vices and immorality, and of course a reminder of what Val’s day is about, it’s essence and significance…and how hell fire awaits those unmarried ones who’ll do what married people do.

The sermon will be delivered in a way that’s aimed at killing your libido (for those who plan to shag somebody) and kill the desire to have fun. It will definitely disturb your conscience even if you’re planning to flex your babe. Well, except you have a heart of stone!


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