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PENILE FRACTURE: Written by Dr. Ejike Udeze

To get a topic to talk on is not always difficult. I mean I was simply discussing with a colleague randomly and he goes, hey you’ve written on penile fracture? We just recently saw a suspected case of penile fracture.

Well, this might sound quite strange. So one asks, how can the penis fracture? Is it a bone or what?
Actually the penis can and does occasionally break. Penile fracture is rupture of the covering of the main erectile tissue(s) inside the penis. Only an erect penis can fracture, this cannot happen in the flaccid state.

Penile fracture can occur during sexual intercourse or aggressive masturbation. Studies have put the more likely sex position to cause penile fracture as the “woman-on- top”. This being so as the woman might not know when your penis slips out hence hitting your boner against her bones. Also as she is riding the man in an awkward penetrating angle she might not know when he starts experiencing pain and thus when to stop. Then comes the “doggy style”. One might also break his penis while performing sexual acrobatics with the wife.

The penis can also fracture as one tries to forcefully hide his erection by breaking the boner until a crack is heard. Though this more likely happens in some Islamic countries.

How to know you’ve broken your manhood
Penile fracture is a very painful injury. Surely you’ll feel an excruciating pain when your penis breaks. A crack might be heard. As it is rupture of the erectile tissue there will be loss of the erection. Followed by swelling of the penis. If the urethra is affected your urine might contain blood in it.

What to do when you suspect any of those symptoms above
Penile fracture is a surgical emergency and as such requires immediate surgical repair to salvage the penis.

Delays might lead to permanent loss of erection, erectile dysfunction, and other such complication. Thus when one suspects any of the above he’s to immediately report to a hospital where he can be checked out by his doctor.

Should one then abandon any of the earlier mentioned sex positions with his wife?
Luckily penile fracture is a not too common condition, but it does happen. As such a level of sense is required during your sexual furore.

The knowledge of penile fracture is only to empower though and not to cage your sexual expression of love.

Ejike Udeze is a health personnel at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Ejike is always in search of new medical discoveries and breakthrough. You can reach him on Facebook by clicking here or with his name “ Ejike Udeze. “


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